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Work-life balance

Work-life balance: what do you think?


I don’t have it. I don’t want it. I don’t need it. Instead, I feel like I’m constantly just creating a life I love. We often think about work-life as separate from our home life. But this doesn’t resonate for me. What about an integrative approach? I’m passionate about a life lived to our full potential in all areas, 360 degrees, holistically interwoven to connect our passions and be our best selves.

Do you think about each brush stroke – not just the overall ‘painted picture’, the supposed summation of your life’s goals? I’ve been painting my own unique picture for years, with the awareness that something more intelligent than me creates the final result. I think focusing on the present – being in the moment – on each brush stroke I paint means I appreciate and value what’s gone into every aspect. The pain, the joy, the exertion required, the support received to contribute each tiny detail to the, no doubt, eventual masterpiece. We are the artists of our lives.

Walking the picturesque Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand for a few days last week, Sim and I were dreaming, word-painting, brainstorming next steps for our work and family life and it was in equal parts meditative, invigorating and inspiring. I know that I don’t have to get away to get perspective on life to brainstorm or create. I know that external circumstances – like being in the beautiful Abel Tasman – don’t dictate my state of mind. I can feel calm and think clearly, with our God-given innate wisdom, wherever I am and gain perspective. But I did enjoy the beauty of nature, the stillness, the glorious sights around me, the company of my best friend and my busy mind quietening right down. And some great internal wisdom popped up.

I’m back on the road again this week, travelling between the UK, USA and NZ, integrating that work/life balance, hence it doesn’t feel like work or a juggle. The excitement is building, as my Incognito Artists and BRAVO Amici teams and I prepare to go out to surprise and delight, creating the ‘OMG’ moments to stir up emotions, get those napkins waving, get those hands in the air, those feet stomping, those faces laughing and crying.

The richest person in the world, Jeff Bezos (most people know he’s the founder and CEO of Amazon), doesn’t like the idea of work-life balance. He prefers to use the word ‘work-life harmony’ as ‘balance’ tends to imply a strict trade-off.

‘We all get to choose our life stories. It’s our choices that define us, not our gifts. You can only be proud of your choices” Bezos says. ‘You either choose a life of ease and comfort, or of service and adventure, and when you’re 80, you’ll be more proud of the latter’.

Life is a daring adventure of service and having fun with your choices! If you haven’t already, l invite you to start right now.



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