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Established as one of the world’s leading providers of exceptional vocal, dance and instrumental entertainment, we’re awesome and we’re nice.  Since 2000, we were the first to do singing waiter-type performances in the UK and created the ‘incognito’ (anything is possible) element.

Our mission: to touch, move and inspire our audience so they’re present to the magic of being alive!

Our Magic Recipe

We’re the ‘Master Chefs’ of the entertainment world; we have a unique process to combine the most exquisite ingredients: extraordinary staff, creative genius, hand-picked crème de la crème West End, Broadway and opera stars, illustrious venues, special life moments, and most importantly, YOU…




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Thank you for the music…

Thank you for the music…

In these troubled times, we all need some escapism. What works for you? Getting stuck into a good book, attending an exercise class, going to the theatre, jetting off on a weekend break or heading to the cinema?  There is something about seeing a movie on the big screen that generates feelings of excitement and […]

Just be yourself

Just be yourself

Advice for performers to succeed in their career is ‘just be yourself’. Advice from parents to kids: ‘just go out there and be yourself’. I’ve said it to my kids to try to make them feel good about themselves. I’ve received that admonition growing up. I’ve believed it when pursuing my career. And now I […]

A final word from the intern…

A final word from the intern…

Oh, London… The most common question I was asked while in London was easily, “Why on Earth would you want to leave California?!” While it is a valid question (it has a lot going for it), my usual response is “Why on Earth wouldn’t I want to come to London?!” I may miss ice water and […]

Advice for rising stars

Advice for rising stars

We have a lot of young, potential stars coming into Incognito HQ in London looking for work and advice.  An ambitious young woman came to see me five years ago, wanting to work for us.  I explained, with regret to dash her hopes, that as we pride ourselves on giving our clients the very best in the business, I couldn’t employ […]

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'They took the evening to a completely different level'

David and Victoria Beckham

'Amazing-I loved every minute!'

Elle Macpherson

"Simply incredible. Awesome voices, and true professionals."

Leonardo DiCaprio

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