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Just Notice


Our dear friend Vivienne created this audio to celebrate the brilliance and mystery of you that is not defined or limited by the ideas you have about yourself, your identity, the world.

As you listen to my words, you can rest; there’s no need to think about this. It’s not an intellectual understanding; it’s a recognition that sinks in and grounds you in the knowing of the resilience and peace that you’re made of.

My words are not what’s important – they’ll never be enough to describe the beauty and brilliance of you. You’ll find the truth not in the words but in what you see when you look where they’re pointing. You can trust in that. Look there.

As we spend this time together, I’ll be asking you just to notice. Just to turn your attention in a particular direction and let it rest there for a moment. Let it rest, and just notice.

Just notice.

Notice your breath. Every inhale is a gift of life. Each exhale, breathing out what’s no longer required, and making room for new and fresh. The space between the two; a moment of gentle stillness. And notice that you’re not in charge of your breathing; it happens whether you’re focusing on it or not. ‘You’ are not breathing; you are being breathed. Just notice.

Now, notice the cycles that are occurring around you and within you. Notice nature and how, without trying or effort, spring turns to summer, summer to autumn, autumn to winter, winter back to spring. A continuous renewal and rebirth of the world. And now you might notice that you too, are nature. There is no separation here; this energy of all things is the fabric of life, and you are not separate from life. You are made of life. You are life. Just notice.

And as you turn inwards, reflecting on experience, you might notice that the thoughts and feelings that come to mind are experience. Everything you’ve ever experienced, you’ve done so through this energy of life taking the form of thought; consciousness; awareness. The majesty of a gift that is so invisible to us, yet gives us our whole world. Feelings, sensations, longings, inspirations; coming to you through life’s energy, because you are life’s energy in motion. Just notice.

And notice too, how experience is fluid, and how what seems like too much in one minute, in the next can feel like you’re held, protected, supported, even just for a moment. How you can experience something so differently from those around you; how you can suffer more and suffer less about something that’s not changing and not going to change. Notice the peace that’s under the noise. Just notice.

Notice how the labels you may have taken on as ‘you’, aren’t you. They may describe a symptom, or a behaviour, or a habit, but that’s not you. Notice who and what you are before the label Notice that all those things are not the constant here. They appear and disappear within you. The constant is you, before those things – you are the energy they are made of. And the ideas you have about those labels and what they mean about you – they’re made of that energy too. Ideas. Imagination. Not truth. Not You. Just notice.

And now, as you listen to my words, you can also take a moment to notice that all of what you thought you couldn’t get through, you have. All that seemed like too much, wasn’t. The feelings you thought would break you, haven’t.

The brilliance and mystery of you is showing itself to you every single day, whether you see it or not. You are not broken; how could you be? You are the energy of life. You don’t need to be fixed; how could you be fixed? You are nature.

So, as you sit here, listening to my voice, contemplating the brilliance and mystery of you, here’s one more thing to notice: Everything you need is right there within you, within nature, within life. The resilience that is nature is the resilience that is you. You don’t have to wish it, want it, strive for it; it’s what you’re made of. You can take it for granted; the nature of you is resilience and this has already shown itself to you throughout this life.

Know this and relax; let go; rest.

Feel the roots that ground you go deeper and deeper.

This is already taken care of. You are taken care of, because you are life.

Copyright 2020 Vivienne Edgecombe Ltd

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