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The Calm in the Storm of Uncertainty

"What scares me the most, is the uncertainty..."


This is the comment I’ve heard consistently over the past month when talking with clients, or on social media feeds. At 25 I got married and we were certain we’d be together forever. We lasted 5 years.

I was certain I’d grow old in New Zealand but I’ve lived in 5 different countries over the past 25 years and I now call London home. In January, when I booked flights back to NZ, I was certain I was going to see my brother, his wife and kids, my Mum and Dad, Aunties and Uncles again in May. Now…who knows when?

This idea that we have ever had, or ever will have control over anything, is an illusion. It’s an illusion we take comfort in but it’s like The Emperor’s New Blankie’! One thing I’m certain of, there is no certainty. But the certainty I do have is knowing we’re built for reality and designed to thrive. We’ve been doing it for 6 million years.

Think about every tough situation you’ve ever been in and you’ll see that in the moment of need, you had clarity of focus, you had wisdom to know what to do next and when you’ve been knocked down, you were able to get back up again.

And here you are. Still. So that shows you can sit in the realm of uncertainty and know that you are equipped with everything you need to deal. Because you’ve done it before.This situation is no different.

Marcus Aurelius, the Great Roman Emperor and Philosopher said: “You have great power over your mind – not external events. Realise this and you will find strength.” Your strength, wisdom, clarity, resilience and peace of mind is innate. It’s always there. Trust in it. Trust in you.

Written by Claire Sewell

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