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Party like a rockstar: top 5 tips for the perfect event

I’ve never experienced party entertainment like it!


That event has given me so many great ideas, when’s the next one? That was the best party I have ever been to! That event will be impossible to beat! I am absolutely speechless!’ These are all comments that you want to be hearing after your event. Themes, costumes, entertainment, timings and venues – these are all crucial factors to consider when planning a perfect event. But most importantly, how would you like your guests to feel? From the moment they walk through the door, making an impression is key and a successful event will carry that feeling on, right until your guests close that same door behind them at the end of the night. Lasting impressions are equally as important when it comes to creating spectacular memories and experiences for your guests.

Luckily for us, we get to work alongside many different clients who all come to us with exciting ideas and concepts for their events and it’s our job to turn these ideas into reality. Luckily for you, this week we are sharing our wisdom with the world! Here are our top five tips for creating your perfect themed event.

Balance your budget!

Having an idea of your budget will help you plan your event with realistic expectations. Crystallised disco balls look incredible but not everyone looks up. A lavish wedding car is impressive but will it create long-lasting memories? Don’t forget to consider how you want to connect with your guests and make them feel from start to finish. Spreadsheets sound dull but they can be a lifesaver when it comes to budgeting. Whether you’re planning your wedding, a corporate event or annual charity fundraiser, get those estimated and actual costs down.

Choose your concept!

Before you start to create, you need a canvas to paint. Your cleverly-chosen concept is a very important early decision to make and it will enhance your event massively. Why are you holding your event? Where are you holding it? Who are you inviting? Once you have chosen your concept, your ideas on what theme you should have will come far more easily. We suggest that you begin by brainstorming some ideas to get a hold of what sort of experience it is that you wish to create. From this point, you can start developing your concept in more detail by exploring how the creative elements of your event will work together. Now for the fun stuff – the theme, the invites, the food, the entertainment – it’s time to design the experience. Determining the type of atmosphere you want to evoke before you start planning an event will help you achieve the right balance of entertainment and professionalism.

Living the theme – blow minds with your entertainment!

It’s not only Heidi Klum who knows how to rock a themed party! A fantastic theme can lift your event from a standard gathering of people to one of the most memorable experiences your guests have ever had. Whatever theme you think of, there is events entertainment to complement it. Themed rooms work well so why not transport your guests through time by hiring a 1920’s trio for your drinks reception or an 80’s rock band so you and your guests can dance the night away after dinner? Are you organising a family member’s birthday? Are they a jazz fan? Unique jazz bands can really impress and not only raise the bar but serenade it, too! Check out Style blog Style Caster for their 101 party themes and ideas – they’ll be sure to leave you spoilt for choice!

The people – teamwork makes the dream work!

From the party planners to the guests, the people at your event will be your most important asset. If you are organising a fundraiser, you can easily source volunteers to help out. If you are planning a wedding, it is important to research as many suppliers as possible to ensure that you are getting the best service for the big day. Ensure your venue has an events coordinator and develop a strong relationship with them from the outset. They will be fronting all of your logistics and working with other companies that you may be working with too, so it is important to connect with them.

Fight for the feedback!

It’s not likely that your wedding guests will think to leave you constructive criticism the Monday after your wedding but for those of you planning corporate dinners, charity fundraisers, showcases, and gala’s – feedback is crucial when it comes to making improvements for next time. Snap Surveys gets it spot on in their article on the importance of post-event surveys. Follow-up emails with structured questions are always a good way to go. Make sure you get those questions right so you can extract as much useful information as possible. What did they like/dislike? What blew their minds? What would they like to see again for next time? Asking these questions not only helps you evaluate your awesome event but it maintains and builds on your relationships with your guests. A win-win situation.

Need more inspiration? Head to our unique and eclectic mix of party entertainment options on our site to help guide you smoothly through your event planning process. Whether it’s your Grandma’s surprise 80th birthday, your sister’s wedding, or the big conference you’re organising at work for 400 people, these seven acts will #melthearts and #blowminds every time.


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