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Winter Holidays in style: our top 5 exclusive travel destinations


Dreaming of leaving behind all of the stress, busy streets and that last-minute shopping rush next year? Well, we have five festive and out of this world winter holidays all lined up for you for 2019!

Abu Dhabi – be a part of the 2019 Special Olympic Games

This enigmatic island, home to sun, sea and some of the most stunning scenic sunsets you have ever seen, is hosting the upcoming and highly anticipated Special Olympic Games. They will be held in Abu Dhabi from March 14–21 and you need to be a part of the action. As The Local Organization Committee highlight on the official event website, ‘Special Olympics is the world’s largest humanitarian sporting event and a global movement which focuses on the empowerment of People of Determination with intellectual disabilities through the power of sport.’ As well as experiencing momentous sporting events, Abu Dhabi can offer you beaming sunshine, pristine beaches and incredible sand dunes offering an array of relaxing spots away from the striking cityscape. And to be honest, who wouldn’t want that during a cold and dreary January? Connecting the Eastern and Western worlds, this beautiful island really does offer up everything you could possibly want from a winter escape! This is also a wonderful choice for the shoppers out there – remember to check-in a second bag on your way home!

Cancun Mexico – a laid-back cosmopolitan Christmas and an explosive New Year

Fun and lively gatherings with your nearest and dearest are a must at Christmas time and you are sure to experience that along with a magical flood of lights and colours as your backdrop, here. Shopping for your loved ones does not have to be laborious or stressful as there are so many options with enough room to move! Along with that glorious scorching heat, all of the traditions of Christmas are very much captured here. Towering Christmas trees, adorned with jewels and sparkling lights, shining on the beautifully decorated streets are a sight to see. Don’t forget those infamous pinatas, romantic hotels and restaurants. The lively nightclubs and bars, such as the Corona, Congo Bar or the recently inaugurated Basic are ideal for having a good time at the end of the year with your friends and family. We highly recommend catching the highly-anticipated, annual performance by City Choir. These sensational singers will take their rightful place at Kukulkan Plaza from December 20th to December 31st at 6 pm.

A Christmas Cruise – go the distance and experience New Zealand & Australia

You have always wanted to visit and the idea of a luxurious cruise sailing by some of the most famous landmarks in the world is rather tempting. As well as the out-of-this-world scenery, exhilarating culture and extraordinary attractions along the way, you get to travel to all of the wonderful locations in style on one of the many luxurious cruises on offer. Diving among the corals belonging to the Great Barrier Reef and experiencing Darwin’s saltwater crocodiles close up is definitely a recommendation of ours and when you fancy exploring more on dry land, you have the cool bars of Sydney (not forgetting the iconic Bondi Beach!). Why stop there? Don’t miss out on Auckland’s volcanic landscapes to Adelaide’s superb wines and cosmopolitan cuisine. This could be your perfect and unmissable adventure down under so hop on board and enjoy!

Barbados – no better time to explore this stunning island

There really is no better time to be in Barbados than over Christmas and New Year. Culturally and aesthetically, this beautiful island offers everything you could possibly want from a winter getaway. Join the Barbadians and visit one of the island’s historic local churches on Christmas morning, or walk the white sandy beaches to welcome in Christmas day with your family and friends. You can still be a traditionalist and want to escape a typical English Christmas! Why not visit Queen’s Park in the capital city of Bridgetown and join the locals by putting on your finest outfits. A perfect place to experience and absorb the city’s fashions whilst meeting up with friends and loved ones. This beautiful town will be lit up in red and green, whilst the roundabouts portray a variety of Christmas themes. You cannot experience Christmas without music and you can thank the Barbados radio stations for belting out tunes about winter wonderlands, sleigh rides and open fires. So, have the best if both and book now! A stunning array of exclusive and luxurious villas can be listed here if you need some help, getting you started.

Sweden – celebrate Christmas for a month and a half!

It’s hard not to think of Sweden when you are considering a magical winter getaway. Some say Sweden comes into its own at Christmas time and we would have to agree. The Swedes have no shortage of quirky festive traditions and this creative and cool website will help you get a taster for what to expect when you arrive. ‘Christmas in Sweden sees its cities, towns and villages glow against the white winter landscape. It’s Christmas card perfect and a great time to visit to pick up some traditional Christmas decorations, gifts or try a Swedish ‘julbord’.’ Tourism website, Visit Sweden has hit the nail on the head here and we suggest the first thing you do when you arrive is try a Swedish ‘julbord’! On Christmas Eve, presents are delivered by Santa who in Sweden, is known as ‘Jultomten’ or ‘Tomten’ (‘The Christmas Gnome’ or ‘The Gnome’). As well as all of the fascinating eateries and famous markets, why not rest up after a long day exploring in one of the brightly coloured hotels in many a romantic square. Or perhaps a shepherd’s hut is more along the lines of what you fancy? Luxury can be found everywhere here and you are always guaranteed a showering of soft, fluffy snow. We suggest that you experience the entire Swedish Christmas and stay until January 13th when traditionally, the Christmas Trees are taken down and the leftover cookies and sweets are eaten!


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