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On the wings of love…a tale of serendipity and connection


On a plane from Houston to Auckland yesterday, I sat with my hoodie up over my head, face mask on to avoid bugs, looking ‘incognito’ and a bit dodgy. With an hour to go, on a 15-hour flight, a woman approached me. I noticed she and her husband had kept looking at me throughout the flight; I wasn’t sure if it was because they recognised me or in fear for their safety at my current appearance. I had just put down the book I was re-reading, called The Celestine Prophecy, which is all about synchronicity; people having a message/lesson for you, or you for them, no such thing as coincidence.

The woman came over.

She began: ‘I’m so sorry to trouble you. I saw you at the Church Rd vineyard concert in NZ with Amici forever in 2006 and you made a profound difference in our lives’. She continued, ‘You talked about leaving Amici after that final tour because your two-year-old daughter had just been diagnosed with autism. Our 15-year-old daughter had just died of cancer’.

We talked about how she’d been able to come to terms with this indescribable tragedy and carry on. Her husband then came over too, to express how he’d been moved by my words that day and my act of giving up the successful, famous group for my family. He said I inspired them to sell their farm, change careers and live life to the full, doing what they wanted to do. The husband said he’d always wanted to be a pilot so he went off and re-trained and became a qualified pilot.

They said I planted the seed and made a difference.

They were in the audience again – this time at my concert at Iona College in Hawkes Bay, NZ – on 10 November 2017 and loved it. They explained they’d wanted to come over and tell me the impact of my music and message on their lives. They wanted to tell me they play my music all the time. We marvelled at serendipity seating us near each other on the plane.

There I was, minding my own business, enduring the humdrum business of long distance travel for work to get back to my family…and even in the workings of the mundane, suddenly there was a beautiful lesson or reminder for me. I was blown away. Music fills the soul and heals the heart! We are all connected in this world. We’re all the same or ‘one’. Our words and actions from the heart impact others, whether we know it directly or not, because of the cords of light between us.

Speaking of lights, only 20 more sleeps ‘til Christmas!



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