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Top 5 ideas to surprise your valentine this year

Valentine’s Day: a commercial enterprise you say?


A great big fuss for no reason, you exclaim? Well, it depends on your thinking. But what about if we drop the cynicism and just focus on the sentiment. A day to celebrate love in your life, a day dedicated to romance, our one day to splurge on that significant other, to spoil him or her rotten, to SURPRISE them.

Yes, that’s the key – to surprise that special person in your life. Chocolates and roses are all very well but too predictable and boring. It’s that thoughtful surprise that will stay with them, and will not only pay dividends for you in the future, but will make them feel special. What can you do to treat them? What’s out there that’s just the perfect thing? Where can you go? What can you do? What can you get?! Fear not. Here are 5 ideas to surprise your loved one this Valentine’s Day:

1. Let’s taco ‘bout us, baby!

Behind any successful gesture is the thought that counts, the planning that goes into making that special person FEEL adored and there are plenty of Valentine’s Day activities out there to take their breath away, Favourite experiences are usually interactive ones, and often where couples get to eat. Why not dazzle your darling with a three-course meal or better still, make it together? It’s all about sitting in the driver’s seat and making an impact. What does your other half like to eat? What is their preferred cuisine? Who is their favourite chef? There is an abundance of top-notch cookery workshops out there.

Here are a few goodies:

2. Make their heart beat!

So, you missed out on Adele tickets 10 times and Ed Sheeran decided to take a year out when you were both desperate to see him perform. Do not despair! Brit’s Week 2018 is here and the O2 and War Child are giving you the opportunity to see some of your favourite musicians perform in intimate venues all over London this February.

3. Be the gift that keeps on giving!

Why only show your love on Valentine’s Day? There is nothing like an unexpected Tuesday surprise after a long day at the office. Catching your loved one off-guard in unexpected ways will inject fun and excitement into your relationship. Why not use this adorable Date Night Box from Not On The High Street to get the ball rolling? This Valentine’s Day gift will last a lot longer than a box of chocolates.

4. Hidden Messages for her or him

Sometimes the sweetest Valentine’s Day gifts are the simplest. If your Valentine is reading a book, underline or circle words that describe them, or the most romantic words you can find. If they’re not big readers, then put pen to paper and write little poems or letters for them to find in their everyday spots. There’s nothing sweeter than a personalised treasure hunt.

5. Come hear the music play!

Everyone should experience cabaret at some point in their life and Valentine’s Day could be the perfect opportunity for you to indulge. Scintillating surroundings, immersive experiences, decadent cocktails and performances that will lift your spirits. The London Cabaret are putting on the most romantic night of the year at the Bloomsbury London. There are plenty of tempting packages to choose from, depending how much cash, you want to splash. If unique experiences are what you are after, book Love Never Dies NOW! (Our performers have played the Phantom, Raoul and Christine on the West End and on Broadway, so this one is very close to our hearts).


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