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Don’t be afraid to catch feels


I’m here in freezing Mont Tremblant, Canada, at the third most popular ski resort in North America, to sing for a loyal client; a client who has booked us five times before in London but this is the first time we’ve been here at their glorious estate in Canada.

I’m not one for subtlety, I’ll be upfront – we stormed the place and the crowd went wild! It would have to be in my Top 10 highlights of my Incognito Artists career (we’re talking 18 years, folks. That’s impressive to rank in the Top 10). It was a spectacular gig in the most sensational surroundings. Emily, Andrew and I pinched ourselves, we just couldn’t believe our luck to experience such a magical place and such an insane party. C’mon!

It’s cool when clients re-book us because we get to show we’re not just a one-trick pony, we don’t just do singing waiters or the same surprise Act. We can do that, happily, if that’s what is wanted (hey, didn’t I just say we’ve been doing it for 18 years) but we can also invent a new show every time, depending on what’s relevant. New music, new scenarios, new talent, with dancing and singing, an after dinner Act or a concert – whatever. Plus, we provide DJs, magicians, acoustic acts and bands of every kind, that make a difference, to ensure the whole entertainment is the greatest show you’ve ever seen!

That’s the beauty of the talent pool at Incognito Artists – anything is possible – and that’s part of the joy and satisfaction in what we do.

In the midst of the joy, comes the setbacks. Nothing is perfect, right. I’ve just experienced a big setback (disaster, blow, misfortune) at work and when I’m dwelling on it, I can get into some very uncomfortable, upset thinking. It’s not fair! How can this happen? What did I do to deserve this? How can anyone be so mean?!

Whatever. Clearly, there’s a greater plan and it’s not for me to reason why (nor is it helpful for me to dwell on stinking thinking).

I’ve had a fast lesson in: Fault Vs Responsibility.

Regardless of whose fault it is, I have to take responsibility for fixing it. Responsibility moves me forward to create a new, awesome opportunity for me and my loyal team.

Okay, that happened. Now what?

That’s why I love this business I’m in. At Incognito Artists, we are in the emotional business. We make people FEEL. In whatever emotion but if we make people feel, and maybe even think, then as story tellers, singers, dancers, actors, musicians…we have done our job.

It’s such a privilege and it moves me. I think Incognito Artists (and Amici forever’s, and BRAVO Amici’s) greatest legacy perhaps is that children are born to our music, couples are married to our music, sad/unhappy/ill people play our music to heal, people are buried to our music, clients book us for their events and audiences come along to our live concerts to be inspired, feel happy or sad, and connected with each other.

How blessed and humbled are we, that our efforts are chosen to accompany humanity through the inevitable ups and downs of the circle of life, because of how we make them feel.



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