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Surprise wedding entertainment: Singing waiters from West End

The great author of love, Will Shakespeare, wrote “If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it.”


What truth he spoke. Music IS the food of love, and the best way to celebrate and commemorate your love on your wedding day is through fabulous wedding entertainment and musical offerings.

Want a way to make your wedding day stand out from the crowd during the madness of wedding season? Well let me introduce to you the phenomenon that is Wedding Singing Waiters! The surprise element of this act will one hundred percent ensure that yours is the wedding which your guests will be looking back on for years to come, with the fondest of memories and the teariest of eyes.

But why stop at just one performance from this magnificent entertainment act? There are ways Singing Waiters can embellish your celebrations and special moments from the moment you say ‘yes’ to the moment, together, you say ‘I do’.

The Proposal

Thanks to social media the whole world will know how the question was popped, so you need to make it really special. The surprise of dropping down on one knee will be huge, but why not make it feel even more romantic with a surprise singing waiter to serenade you both, complete with glasses of champagne to celebrate. No matter where you plan to make your proposal there are a whole array of options for your surprise singer to fit in with your surroundings. We’ve previously provided a museum curator, a Venetian Gondolier, a security guard and even just a passer-by. With Incognito Artists, the only limit is your imagination!

The Hen/Stag do

The traditional rights of a bride and groom to their respective “night before” blow outs can be traced back centuries. These days a hen do or stag night just seem to be expected, but the over-done night out with endless drinks and dodgy dress ups is not to everyone’s tastes. So, when you’re enjoying a delicious meal out with your closest friends a singing waiter could surprise all your guests, get them up on their feet and make your ‘last night of freedom’ really worth remembering.

If pubs and clubs are your thing, why not book one of our acts which fit perfectly with those venues? Our burlesque act is a super stylish performance available for you and your guests. Or how about a group of handsome waiters who transform into a dynamic acoustic quartet that will excite and delight.

The Wedding Day

Finally, it’s your wedding day. This time it’s not just you and your fiancé and it’s not just a small group of your close friends. It’s all your guests, everyone you know who matters in your life (and a few hangers on!). This is the most special day of your life, a time for love and laughter, a day to make memories to last a lifetime. Wedding entertainment is the perfect way to create this feeling in the room and a surprise singing waiter would provide that extra excitement for everyone. Singing waiters at weddings make your special day original and personal. We can even create a bespoke show, especially for you, with ideas you choose and music you love. These guys will get all your guests on their feet and ready to party all night long. If you feel you’d like to try something different than a singing waiter for your wedding entertainment, over the years we’ve masqueraded as a singing priest, singing guest, singing chef or barman. Why not consider a cheeky wedding photographer who bursts into song, or a shocking jilted lover who turns out to be a friendly tenor coming in to charm your guests. Whether it’s the entertainment for the big party, or to get the evening started after dinner, you won’t be sorry you hired singing waiters for your wedding entertainment!



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