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3 Reasons Incognito Artists are the best choice for your wedding entertainment

It’s your big day, your special day, a day with all your family and friends around you.


Although you know they’re all there to help you celebrate your love and your marriage, you still want to make sure they enjoy themselves enough to remember it all, so they can reminisce about the day for years to come. So it’s crucial that you place the responsibility of your Wedding Entertainment with someone who can provide phenomenal acts, who cares just as much as you do and can create something brand new and exciting for you and your guests. You should be speaking to us at Incognito Artists – and here are 3 reasons why it will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

1) Variety

The variety of acts and the talent of performers available with us at Incognito Artists is abundant. We pride ourselves on the fact that, with us, anything is possible and the only thing limiting what we can do together will be our imaginations! If you have planned a theme around your wedding and require something to fit in with it or to top it off with a bang, we will always be able to provide the performance of your wedding dreams. Operatic masterpieces for a classical wedding, musical theatre treasures to add some romance, a sparkling burlesque or cabaret for a 1920s theme. We have a superb roaming acoustic band who can serenade you and your guests intimately, giving your wedding the personal touch. And for afterwards, if you want to keep the celebrations going and can’t wait for the chance to get on the dancefloor and let your hair down, our singers have plenty of great repertoire to get the whole family on their feet or we have the most exciting DJs in the business who are ready to bring the party to your wedding night celebrations.

2) Bespoke Service

At Incognito Artists we truly are ‘artists’ of entertainment. We treat each and every event as a new and exciting adventure, creating a show which is bespoke and works specifically for your needs and desires. It’s a fun and exciting process, speaking with and meeting our creative directors, all West End legends themselves, who will help you, guide you and inspire you to create mind blowing entertainment for your wedding. Whether your wedding is themed, or you just have a preference of style, we will find a way to accommodate your requests. For a recent Italian themed wedding, in Italy, our performers performed some beautiful, appropriate Italian Arias and serenaded the bride and groom personally. In Venice we provided surprise entertainment from one of our tenors masquerading as a gondolier. We have a reputation for creating hundreds of stunning shows that have melted the hearts of thousands of wedding guests and we believe we are the best people you could choose to nurture the design of your wedding entertainment.

3) Our Mantra

“I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes!” – we all love feeling the warm and fuzzies of a heartening experience. ‘Feeling is believing’ is a mantra that we all truly believe in at Incognito Artists. We are constantly inspired by Maya Angelou’s words, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”, remembering the truth and recognition we felt when we heard them for the first time. With everyone rushing around in this busy, modern world it is easy to forget. But over the years we have learned, from feedback and testimonials, that our clients and their guests are most enamoured with the way they felt during and after our special entertainment, and that it is this that they will remember and treasure for years to come. As a Bride or Groom your affection for your wedding and for your guests will be in over-drive, but you can be assured that our performers will also be dedicated to creating a feeling of absolute joy, getting everyone involved in helping you celebrate your love on your wedding day. Hashtag melthearts, blowminds!



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