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Planning entertainment for the perfect summer wedding


Summer weddings- they are classy, photogenic, and bursting with energy- but not all are created equal. As we have entered into the age where Pinterest boards and Buzzfeed articles dictate what’s “in”, very little gets left to the imagination anymore. In a recent article from, expert wedding planners stressed that the most vital thing guests secretly want at the dinner reception…is “a party! Not a snooze fest”!

And what better way to break the “conventional wedding” mould than to include our surprise entertainment? From undercover singing waiters that burst into song to show-stopping musicians, Incognito Artists epitomizes the unique wedding entertainment that everyone wants, but won’t tell you! And the best part? You call the cues!

Our top of the line entertainment Act embodies first-rate West End stars going undercover at your event; whether as a waiter, sound technician, photographer or wedding guest. We burst into song and dance at just the right moment – and then melt hearts and blow minds with performances that will surprise and thrill your guests! Being in business for 17 years, we have mastered the art of disguise and spectacle, and we consider them our top specialties! After all, weddings are the epicentre for lovely legacies, so why not let us make yours?

The Act in Detail

Perhaps one of the most unique wedding entertainment ideas, and our forte, is Tenors and Divas Incognito (or the singing waiters). This Act was created over 17 years ago and has been honed and crafted ever since to become the legendary show it is today. Our incredible team of performers specialize in ‘guerrilla opera’ – posing as chefs, waiters and guests – whatever works for your day – before pulling off the ultimate surprise and bursting into song, much to the delight of everyone in the room! This Act can mix the best of the Tenors, Divas, Dance and Swing Incognito shows for a remarkable and unforgettable experience. Melding the timeless elegance and class of opera with the fun and relaxed style of musicals and popular music, Tenors & Divas Incognito is an unbeatable combination!


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