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An upbeat attitude: It makes a world of difference says Geoff

When we started in 2000 we were the only ones doing the Singing Waiters act in the UK.


We were unique because there were no copycats, no pretenders, no one saying ‘me too’. Now, we have ‘followers and fans’ who loved what we do so much, they do it too.

I’m a Kiwi. We’re no stranger to competition.

To differentiate your company from anyone else, you can struggle with making your mark: what’s your USP? What differentiates you from the competition?

At Incognito Artists we have spent years regularly thinking about those questions, questioning everything we do, streamlining the business, our processes, focusing on our vision, values and reason for being. We are constantly working hard to imagine, innovate and inspire.

London and New York, where our offices are based, are rife with talent. It’s practically dripping from the walls and streets around the West End and Broadway, flowing on to the stages, big or small.

We work with the best ‘leading men and women’ from the world of musical theatre and opera. And the NICEST. They are all stars in their own right; if they’re not household names, they should be. It’s just the entertainment industry can be a fickle place, where huge value is placed only on those making it on to our TV or movie screens. Yet anyone seeing shows in the West End or on Broadway – or in the opera houses – can vouch for the fact those Stars burn bright, so bright they’re dazzling.

Still, our competitors think they can say ‘me too’ when pitching their talent, in comparison to ours. Or they do anyway.

As *Seth Godin says: ‘At your job, there are probably people with more experience than you, more domain knowledge than you, even more skills than you. The same is true about your competition. But there’s one place where you can make your mark: Your attitude. Seth goes on to say: You can bring more generosity of spirit, more enthusiasm, more kindness, more resilience, more positive energy, more bravery and more magic to the room than anyone else, at least right now. Because you choose to.

That can be what you stand for.

At Incognito Artists, that is exactly what we stand for. Spirit, enthusiasm, positive energy, bravery and magic we have in spades! BOOM! Kindness, resilience and love are very real and relevant skills to us too.

We get feedback all the time that we make a difference to the people we deal with, in the run up to the event as well as the show-stopping performance on the night.

We’re told that we’re all always so happy and enthusiastic even on the phone. One happy client said last week that we’re the most professional and upbeat company he’s ever dealt with.

I digress for a minute: Manchester, London, Kabul. The UK Election. U.S politics.

I don’t know, some of it is so heart breaking that it’s beyond words. Some of it is so crazy, I’m at a loss for words. Maybe one thing we can focus on is our attitude, every day. That’s something we can stand for. And we can make a difference.

In the words of a brave, spirited, compassionate Demigoddess, in the new blockbuster Wonder Woman, ‘it’s love that will save the world’.

*Seth Godin: best selling author of 18 books and marketing legend.


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