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Old Hollywood glamour on your wedding day


The world has rushed to see the silver screen’s new darling, La La Land. It’s been so popular and has won 7 golden globes already! So what is it that makes this film so special, and why is it such a phenomenal success? (I mean other than Ryan Gosling looking so heart breaking playing the piano). And how can Incognito Artists incorporate it into your special day, to make your wedding the celebration of the century?

La La Land is a nostalgic salute to old Hollywood glamour. It reaches back to the 1940s and 50s romanticised version of America, the idea of pursuing your dreams and falling in love, and re-vamps it, making it accessible and inspiring for the modern era. It brings us back to the iconic lighting and filmography that inspired a dress sense, an attitude and a style of being that people still clamor to achieve today.

Hollywood Glamour is having a revival, becoming an exciting concept to style your wedding around, including the wedding entertainment. It’s always been an exhilarating flashback to another time and now, thanks to a brand new story with Ryan and Emma leading the way, it is a stylish and inspiring theme once again.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the music and lyrics used in La La Land. The beautiful Jazz music, which is the underscore of all the tracks within the movie, reminds us of tunes we’ve heard before in old classics of this genre. The movie has it all, the spontaneous rhythm of be-bop, which adds some excitement and action, as well as the long and melodic notes of the romantic numbers. These different melodies would all be perfect for a wedding. Something to get everyone up on their feet, feeling happy and having a good time, and something a bit slower and more romantic for those sultry and meaningful dances. ‘City of Stars’ from the film has the lyrics, “Yes all we’re lookin’ for is love from someone else…A rush, a glance, a touch, a dance.” A perfect sentiment for your wedding music – a gorgeous tenor and beautiful diva serenading you for your first dance, when you are looking into the eyes of true love, would make this special moment truly unique and personal.

The dancing in La La Land is another modernisation of the golden age of film. Mia and Sebastian’s bench dance in the park to the song ‘A Lovely Night,’ with its slapstick lyrics and high-energy dancing, reminds us of a scene in 1942’s ‘Holiday Inn’. Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire and Virginia Dale dance on a park bench during their comedic song ‘I’ll capture your heart singing’. Both songs have quite off-hand and churlish lyrics which gives them a nice bit of humour and the opportunity to include some more upbeat dance moves, but there is an undertone of love beneath and surrounding them. The dance styles of tap and Charleston are the exact style of the golden Hollywood era, and the jazz piano brings all the glamour to the songs. Create something a bit more light hearted at your wedding with entertainment like this. Have a jolly tap dancer who can burst into song, an uplifting saxophonist to impress all your guests and a phenomenal yet sultry piano player to bring you some of the Jazz tracks that will make you feel like you’re in your own magical ‘La La Land’.

La La Land is a movie that ‘leaves a tear in your eye and a song in your heart’. Mia and Sebastian have their very own love theme that runs throughout the movie and connects them to each other at the end. This idea, that music can intimately connect and bridge people together over time and from afar, is a beautiful sentiment that we know to be true at Incognito Artists. It is the perfect sentiment to bring to the music and dancing of your wedding, to capture the romance of the day, so let us give you a stunning performance that will leave a tear in YOUR eye and a song in YOUR heart!



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