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Music is What Feelings Sound Like

The silence where whatever has just been said, or the music played, or the song sung creates a feeling in the collected gathering that generates a deep feeling of calm… Peace. Joy. Belonging.


That beautiful feeling that you want to linger in, relish, savour every last drop. It feels so GOOD!

Do you know what I’m talking about?

On stage in New York this week at one of our concerts I felt the collective … hush … when Bravo Amici quietly harmonised the outro of ‘Senza Catene’. There was this unbelievable energy and feeling in the room, heavily charged. Intense. Beautiful.

Instead of introducing the next song, or going straight into the next performance, I just stood there on stage and bathed in that glow. I gently asked the audience to just sit in it and enjoy it with me.

Let me get this straight, I’m not saying it was anything about me, or the four other Bravo Amici’s – no matter how talented they are.

What I’m talking about was the warm connection in the room and the beauty of music which united us and bathed us in the glow.

It’s feelings like that, which I’ve learned, remind us of our innate health, our inner wisdom, our mental clarity and connect us; these feelings remind us that we’re all the same.

It’s not so fun to linger in the feeling when we feel yukky, miserable, uncomfortable or tense, due to whatever it is we’re thinking about. But we’re going to have beautiful AND yukky thoughts, that comes with the territory of being human. The experience on stage this week magnified it and reminded me just how precious and awesome that connected, beautiful feeling is – feeling peaceful, feeling GOOD about ourselves and the people around us – and how, no matter what we’re doing in that moment, STOP. Enjoy it! Revel in it.

Music is what feelings sound like.

Keep it easy,



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