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5 Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Dazzle and Delight Your Guests

The cake is ordered, the dress has been altered and you’ve just spent an eye watering amount on ‘sweet love’ pick n mix centre pieces.


You’re all set. Ready, steady…. Wait. The wedding entertainment! Too often the (second) most important part of the day gets left ‘til last.

After all, apart from those centre pieces what better way is there to get your guests singing, dancing and laughing at your wedding than with your entertainment? In the industry we call this the holy trinity of song, joy and bants.

Avoid a snooze-o-rama* and knock your guests off their feet with these unique and exciting wedding entertainment ideas.

1. A Night at the Oscars

With everything from a sassy welcome from a glamorous Marilyn Monroe, to Singing Paparazzi and Heartthrobs concluding in an all-singing, all-dancing finale, this is a show that leaves everybody at your wedding feeling like a STAR!

2. Les Miserables…The Barricade

The revolution comes alive as we bring Les Mis to you, just metres away from your guests, to experience all the passion, humour, romance and triumph of the world’s greatest musical.

3. Disco Inferno

Led by our very own Austin Powers, your guests are guided through a fun and interactive journey of the greatest hits of the 60’s and 70’s that guarantee to get your guests on their feet, dancing the night away.

4. A 1920’s Gatsby Extravaganza

A unique show, where one by one, surprise guests and staff join forces to create a stylish feast of glamorous song and dance, with songs from the musical Chicago, and numbers made famous by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, plus maybe a bit of Gene Kelly, building to a finale of tap dancing that will raise the roof!

5. West End Experience

Starting powerfully, building in intensity and energy, this unique choice of wedding entertainment closes with a finale that guarantees to wow and delight. Your guests will feel like they have literally watched all the best shows in London’s West End in a mesmerizing mash-up…because they have!

All great things start with an idea, with imagination. So dare to dream it, visualize it and leave it to us to make it a reality.

*A particularly boring event during which it is likely that one or more people will fall asleep.



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