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Match your wedding entertainment to your wedding dress


We’ve learned from years of experience that wedding entertainment can really make your day. ‘Feeling is Believing’ is our motto at Incognito Artists, and the way to create that truly memorable feeling on your special day is through music. Great music is an appealing attack on the senses and can transport us to other places and times. Science has proven that music accesses all our emotions, having the power to make us happy or sad. Having incredible, memorable entertainment will mean your guests will never forget how you made them feel, where they were, what they were doing at YOUR wedding. Music is what feelings sound like. With your theme in mind, and the sense of sight well catered for with your decorations and venue, let us create an amazing musical offering, in harmony with your magnificent dress, to top off the excitement, joy and unique thrill of your special day.

The Jazz Age / Great Gatsby / 1920s Themed Wedding

A Great Gatsby-esque wedding will be glamourous, lively and, hopefully, full of champagne! F Scott Fitzgerald wrote that in the Jazz age “the parties were bigger, the pace was faster, the buildings were higher, the morals looser…”

Your entertainment should resemble the spirit of the times, breaking out of a refined period and into a new and alluring future – what a great sentiment for a wedding day. Your wedding dress and entertainment both need to sparkle and glitter. Have our gorgeous, flamboyant flapper girls dance for your guests, inspiring them to get up and involved, and complete the package with a flawless male voice breezing in with all those classics like ‘Luck be a Lady’, ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’ and the female equivalent, ‘All that Jazz’. For an intriguing and seductive extra, our super slick and sophisticated Charleston tap duo will knock you off your feet with their moves. Now to make sure you have a knock-out dress to match the knock-out entertainment! What about a classically shaped number, a little skin to tantalise, and embellishments to dazzle and delight (just like our Jazz Age show!).

Festival Wedding

If you’re looking for something a little different, a festival themed wedding could be perfect. Capture the essence of a festival by having an outdoor wedding, and get back to nature. Our roaming acoustic group, Club Acoustic, are perfect for this type of event. With no need of sound equipment, these amazingly talented musicians can travel around your guests, serenading them all with acoustic classics, winning their hearts as they go. This fantastic four perform everything from Rat Pack favourites, to great tunes of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s right up to hits from today. The personal touch of this up-close group with their natural sound, creates a feeling of romance and intimacy, of really being in this unique moment. This simplistic white gown is perfect for an ethereal look, the bare shoulders are alluring and catch the eye, while the lace detail makes the dress bridal. The look is completed with a crown of flowers, a salute to your outdoor, unplugged wedding.

Festival Wedding

An opulent, Operatic wedding is a truly captivating theme for your guests. At Incognito Artists, Opera and classical crossover is our speciality, with our Platinum-selling vocal legends ready to transport you to another world, and fill your senses with their impeccable, highly trained vocals. A stunning Opera performance in front of all your guests would be spellbinding and dramatic in itself, but another of our most loved acts is ‘guerilla opera’ where your guests will be dazzled and delighted by a dramatic surprise when our singers, who may have been masquerading as a waiter or chef, burst into phenomenal arias much to your guests’ amazement. Float around the room in a sensationally romantic dress with lots of silk or satin, lace and extra skirts, while you are mesmerized by operatic classics like ‘Nessun Dorma’, ‘La Donna è Mobile’ and ‘O Mio Babbino Caro’. There will be a tremendous feeling of romance and vigour left in the room after a performance like this, making your wedding a special event no one will ever forget.



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