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How to avoid an identikit event


It was at precisely the time I started typing ‘birthday presents for sisters’ into my Pinterest search bar that I realised I (or is it the royal We?) have a problem. How would this website know better than I – the long-suffering (17 years in fact) sister of my dearly beloved – what she would want for her birthday. Aha but it’s just for ideas! To spark creativity! And there, my friend, is where the problem lies… To be creative one must use imagination and original ideas. Would the Love Book pinned 62,500 times really be ‘the most unique personalised gift idea you could ever give to someone you love’?

Pinterest has a lot to answer for when it comes to events as well. We’ve all been to the boho chic everything, the festival themed 21st. I think ‘Pinterest Wedding’ is now even a theme. So let’s start a revolution and champion individuality, say NO to Pinterest blueprints and a big fat YES to great ideas. Here at Incognito Artists, we believe thinking creatively can change the world!

With this war cry ringing in our ears, here are the top 3 tips to avoid an Identikit Event. This is what we do, with years of experience and creative flair, at Incognito Artists:

1. Imagine

This is where it all begins. All great things start with a great idea. Imagine your perfect event… I see you sneaking a look at Instagram, hands up in the air and phone on the floor… How would that event look, how would it sound? What’s your ‘Why’, how do you want to make people feel? Dare to dream it and with the right team behind you, you’ll achieve it.

2. Innovate

Work with an expert: share ideas, discuss your tastes, ask their advice. Then together you create a blueprint of exactly how the event will work. Draw from your combined imaginations and construct the foundation for something new and exciting. From there, choose the ideal star performers, the perfect food and drink, the chicest interiors.. once all this is set, the magic starts to happen.

3. Inspire

Inspiration is the breath of life and now all the pieces are in place for a tailor-made event that will connect with, and excite, your guests in a totally unique way,. after all you didn’t find this concept online. You are Pinner number one!

After all is said and done, I love Pinterest as much as the next person – where else will I get my daily dose of lifestyle porn? But, and it’s a big but, Pinterest killed the metaphorical cat, or in this case unique, tailor-made, one-off, never-seen-before events. These three ‘I’s’ form the foundation for everything we do at Incognito Artists, so join us in saying adios to rehashed ideas and bonjour to cool creativity. After all, life’s too short to be boring.


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