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Follow the Spearhead

Follow the spearhead, or ‘No Dickheads allowed’, is one of five life lessons UK writer James Kerr sets out in his book Legacy


What the All Blacks can teach us about life and leadership.

In Maori, whānau, the ‘extended family’, is symbolised by the spearhead.

Though it has three tips, to be effective all of its force must move in one direction. Hence the All Blacks mantra ‘No Dickheads allowed’.

Since Simone and I started Incognito Artists it has been like an extended family to us. All of our Tenors & Divas are star performers from the West end and Broadway’s biggest stages. When you’re looking for the pièce de résistance to wow your guests with, who else can offer you the leads from Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, Rent, Tophat, Oklahoma.. The list goes on! Working with performers of this caliber, stars who have performed in front of 80,000 people, it’s a dream come true. A realization of the seven star vision we set out so many moons ago.

Still, this isn’t the only reason we work with them. Sure, they have the best voices in town, they’re the best dancers around, and it goes without saying – the best looking!

But that’s not all we hire on.

We launched Incognito Artists as so much more than an entertainment agency. We wanted to touch, move, and inspire people. So they are present to the magic of being alive! We’ve had so many incredible performers walk through our door looking to join our Tenors Incognito, or dancers hoping to be part of Divas Incognito.

We hire on character as well as talent.

Hanging on the wall in the office we have ‘Our Purpose for Being’. It states that we will strive to offer our clients and staff a richer life. We care about people. We want to create joy and laughter every day, and at every single gig we do.

We must all move in the same direction if we are to succeed in this purpose. So, even if someone has the best voice in the game, if they can’t match us in character – sorry, no dickheads allowed.

‘Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel, energies are contagious’ Rachel Wolchin



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