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Event entertainment must be booked first – here’s 3 reasons why


Event entertainment is still one of the most unique and powerful ways you raise the bar and stand out from the crowds. Here’s three reasons why you need to get booking…

Set yourself apart

When your ‘to do’ list is long and your time frame short, it’s mighty tempting to dust off last years event notes and do something similar. But allocating some time early on so as you can discover what’s new, fresh and exciting will score you some points in the long-run. Offering your guests a drink on arrival will be expected. A three-course dinner will be expected. A glitzy and glamorous 1920’s trio serenading them as they walk into the room or the West End’s leading men or women twirling them around the table after dinner will not. Prioritise the elements that make the biggest impact

Make it memorable

Many consider event entertainment to be ‘an extra’ or something they’ll book if they have any budget left. For some, entertainment is an afterthought. On the contrary and as our clients have proven time and time again after an event, music has the power to stimulate discussions, encourage connection, transform a room, thrill a crowd and leave a lasting impression on peoples minds for months after an event. Those inevitable dreary Monday morning chit-chat around the desk regarding the weather will quickly transform into vibrant, impassioned and energised discussions bursting with peoples experiences of the evening. It’s at this point you realise – perhaps it was the champagne ice sculpture that should have been the ‘extra’.

You’ll be the most popular person in the room

We all love to be and feel appreciated and booking sensational entertainment for your colleagues, clients or guests will guarantee you more than a simple ‘thanks’ and a handshake. If you nail your entertainment, the words ‘WOW’, ‘INCREDIBLE’ and ‘OUTSTANDING’ are definitely coming your way. We’ll do all the hard work – it’s your job to sit back, enjoy your evening and await the landslide of appreciation!


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