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Those Christmas Lights


Regent Street was closed off the other night, on my walk home from Incognito HQ, and I couldn’t think what could be so important that they would also block up the whole of Piccadilly Circus on a busy Tuesday evening?

It was a team of workmen busily putting up the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ themed light display. Suddenly, somehow it felt OK that they had caused mayhem to carry on the tradition of bringing joy to millions of Londoners and tourists through the glory of Christmas lights.

At Incognito Artists we are passionate about bringing a triumph of light to YOUR Christmas, through the art of seasonal entertainment. We will create a dazzling, bespoke show especially for you and your Christmas party requirements.

Christmas Surprise Entertainment

Surprise entertainment is our forté at Incognito Artists. Close your eyes and imagine yourself sat at your Christmas party, there’s a stain of red wine on the white linen and the scent of Christmas pudding spicing up the air. Just when you start to think about heading home, the dashing Waiter you’ve been hoping to catch under the mistletoe reveals himself to be a West End star, belting out the opening bars of ‘Oh, What a Night’. Could there be anything more exciting to put the cherry on top of your Christmas party entertainment cake? With the flawless vocals of all our performers we can easily shape the repertoire to your particular tastes, and for the festive season why not add in some of those well-known carols or jingles to get everyone on their feet and singing along.

Christmas Entertainment Acts

To make your party dazzle and shine like a well adorned Christmas tree, we’ve got the perfect selection of entertainment acts.

Use our gorgeous electric strings quartet, Asteria, to trim your tree in sparkly dresses while they charm your guests with their incredible talent and skill.

Bring some Christmas magic to your party with one of our spellbinding magicians. See what unique ideas they can pull out of the hat to make your experience truly unique.

Work with us to create your own vocal show, with a select group of our singers. Choose from a vast repertoire including songs from the musicals, songs throughout the decades, show-stopping operatic favourites, to name a few; and, of course, some Christmas classics.

Themed Christmas Party Entertainment

A theme is always a sensational way to ensure your party goes off with a bang! A Christmas cabaret would definitely add that extra sparkle and festive fun for your guests.

Creating your own time machine, back to a favourite or relevant decade, is guaranteed to get everyone up on their feet, singing along with the hits, and filled with Christmas cheer.

But no matter what, hurry… Christmas is coming!



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