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The Greatest Show: making your event come alive


One of the most exciting things about working in the entertainment industry is that there is always something new around the corner. Music continues to emerge and evolve, taking people by surprise. Quite recently, music and film’s latest surprise was from the smash movie, The Greatest Showman.

In case you missed it (which we recommend you remedy immediately), the film tells P.T. Barnum’s origin story with a magical dosage of energetic and heart-wrenching music. Much like the story it is about, The Greatest Showman is a beautiful film whose power was deeply underestimated. An empowering celebration of acceptance and togetherness achieved through music and performance, the film hits close to home for Incognito Artists and our company’s vision.

After falling in love with the film, its powerful music, and the way it made us feel, those of us here at Incognito Artists thought, what better way to embrace this beautiful film and message than to do what we do best and perform! Thus, The Greatest Show was born!

Created in-house, The Greatest Show is a bespoke Incognito Artists show, which promises to create pure magic at your event, leaving your guests in awe. In true Incognito Artists fashion, we of course added our own flair to the show, mixing our favourite big show tunes such as Lady Marmalade, Your Song, and I Found Love with the popular Greatest Showman anthems Come Alive and From Now On. We not only wanted to pay homage to this wonderful film, but we wanted to make it something of our own, highlighting the phenomenal and infectious talent that we are so privileged to work with. This show promises to have your guests dancing on their seats, singing their hearts out and remembering this special and spine-tingling experience for many years to come.

If you are as excited about this show as we are, give us a call at 020 729 15350!


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