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The best is yet to come…


Christmas is a time for nostalgia and what better way to celebrate this year’s festivities than with this suave, sophisticated, smooth and scintillating jazz trio?

Drawing from the swing and bebop eras of jazz, the Leones Jazz Trio covers an eclectic mix of standards from the Great American Songbook, made famous by the likes of Sinatra, Bobby Darin, and Tony Bennett, as well as timeless classics from the world of MGM musicals. The boys may have just returned from securing a residency at Badrutt’s Palace in St. Moritz, Switzerland, however their swanky sound can also be found at some of London’s most prestigious venues including the Arts Club Mayfair, Park Chinois, The Ritz Hotel, Soho House, Annabelle’s Mayfair, The Ivy Club, The Haymarket, Blake’s, Harrods, and at their permanent residency at The Ned.

There is something about a rasping and resonant bass, paired with the tuneful tinkering of a grand piano, topped off with a velvety, smooth vocal that warms us right up! This magnetic trio will promise to charm their audiences with their musicality and energy from start to finish, bringing you and your guests a truly unforgettable night of swing, soul, and jazz.

Expand your horizons!

Three is the magic number for some, but not for all. The Leones Jazz band can also perform as a quartet, quintet or even an octet! With this highly versatile and adaptable band, we are able to suit everyone’s needs and requirements!

It had to be you!

If you fancy a swing, give us a ring! We cannot wait to hear more about your upcoming event and answer any queries that you may have as we guide you through your bespoke creative process.

Call us on 020 72915350 or email our marketing and events coordinator Amy at to find out more!


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