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Our Greatest Showman!


We’re are incredibly proud of our inimitable co-founder and CEO, the first tenor in Tenors Incognito created nearly 20 years ago, and master of engaging the audience, Geoff Sewell. Why? Well, for lots of reasons. But most recently for being awarded ‘International Achievement Award 2018’ by The Variety Artists Club of New Zealand. Check out what Geoff had to say about the evening!

The Variety Artists Club of New Zealand (VAC) is the premier association for entertainers and performing artists in NZ, formed in 1966 to foster the friendship and cooperation of members and to promote goodwill in the entertainment industry. Geoff was honoured at the VAC’s annual Benny Awards, a black-tie event featuring performances by legends of NZ entertainment and the presentation of prestigious industry awards. Let’s face it, the night would not have been complete without the Greatest Showman jumping up to perform a set of hits from his Amici Forever and solo albums, and whipping up the crowd to fever pitch.

Leighton Smith, one of NZ’s most-loved broadcasters – who also attended on the night to receive an award – said on his radio show the next day, “Geoff Sewell was just spectacular, seriously spectacular.”

It’s awesome to win an award of any kind but it’s also rare and remarkable to be acknowledged by your peers in your industry; something very special to celebrate!

Our unique and effervescent CEO was interviewed by Red Carpet TV afterward, saying, ‘It was a great night, the room full of legends from the NZ music industry. I grew up with these Kiwi stars on TV and radio so being in the same room and getting an award was very humbling’.

The lovely Geoff and Simone looking fabulous!

Geoff’s award in all its glory!


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