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Not just a one-trick pony


It was another rockin’ weekend with a trifecta of gigs for team Incognito: we did a classic Three Tenors gig – a typical, powerhouse performance from our very first act – for a beautiful wedding in Bury; and a stylish, chic 25th wedding anniversary – a romantic, one Tenor and one Diva spectacular – at the exclusive 34 Mayfair in London.

Meanwhile in Germany, Clare, Adrian and Paul gave an awesome all-singing-all-dancing performance – created especially by us to be relevant to the event and venue – at the Bombardier event in Berlin during the InnoTrans fair. We loved the amazing vintage car set which ensured some cool photos #nofilterneeded.

Last Thursday in London I had a lot of fun doing our 5th performance for a wonderful client who uses us each year for his awards ceremony; he trusts us to come up with something special, unique and appreciated by the audience, every time. Our VIP client worked with Tim, our creative manager, to craft another tailor-made act for this important event in which three Tenors (including yours truly) and two Divas rocked the house in two separate shows throughout the evening.

You see, we’re not just a one-trick pony. We don’t just do ‘singing waiters’. A lot of people still think that’s all we do. However, I want you to know, we are only limited by our imagination and the talent of our performers – both of which are LIMITLESS!

Trust our creative process (click to see what we mean by this, on our website) to deliver a customized performance which will melt hearts and blow minds. Every time.

Christmas is coming too, remember… there’s always a party when we’re there.

Go big or go home!



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