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No Act of Kindness, no Matter How Small, is Ever Wasted


The replies, the comments, the thoughtful suggestions and lovely sentiments in your emails are very heart-warming and amazing to hear. Here at Incognito HQ we were weeping at the beauty of human nature!

Cool people know cool people. That’s why I know you. I feel blessed that we share a similar philosophy on life, that life is short so carpe diem. I love that so many of us SMILE at others, knowing that such a simple gesture has such far reaching effects…

10 special people can now be announced, from their quick action, for this year’s Incognito Artists Connection of Kindness.

Drum roll please…
Cindy Gahir
Amy Long
Stuart Scoular
Fiona Campbell
Elizabeth Welch
Graham Peacop
Hero Trew
Alicia Hickey
Aisling Bolger
Tania Bearsley

We look forward to surprising our 10 at some point during the next year, just to bring a smile.

And thanks to the people who replied anyway, knowing they weren’t in the first 10 but they wanted to share the love. A cheery email is like a ray of sunshine into a London office. Two people wrote in quickly saying not to give it to them but to give it to someone else as their gift of paying forward!

There’s a lot of kind people in this world, don’t believe all you read in the media.

Another compassionate person we know is CJ Johnson, one of our talented divas, who is currently in Greece and Macedonia; generously doing what she can to help the refugee crisis.

She said in an email: “This is my first night here on the border trying to help 15,000 refugees. Just hauled vegetables off a truck in the darkness to cook for 4000 people tomorrow in a makeshift kitchen. Getting up at 8am to join ‘Team Bananas’ in handing out bananas to all children and pregnant women in the camp for breakfast; it’s already far too overwhelming. I’m crying inside every 5 minutes.”

Amazing. Heartbreaking.

If everyone did just a small act of kindness every day, wouldn’t we live in a very different world?!

The happiness you feel in life is in direct proportion to the love you give.

With love,



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