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From 18 to 80 – why entertainment is important to humans


Incognito Artists did an opera focused set for a small (12 + a dog!) afternoon tea 80th birthday party. It would be frankly impossible to recommend them highly enough. The preparation was thorough, the surprise factor was awesome, the team themselves (all three of them) were absolutely outstanding (I would go and see them in the West End any time), and the enthusiasm and obvious fun the performers were having was completely contagious.

Your performance made everyone feel amazing. Because of you, it is a day we shall never forget. Rob Willings, private client.

Last Saturday, two very different clients were celebrating their birthdays. One of them was in a hotel in Fleet, toasting his 80 years alongside close friends and family members, unaware that shortly after his cream tea, three of our operatic stars were about to burst into the room and serenade him with the set-list of his dreams. The other client was an 18-year-old, whose father had surreptitiously organised for four of our West End stars to surprise him during his birthday party in central London. Every single week, every single client call is different and nothing delights us more than being able to create for them the experience of a lifetime.

Whether you’re 18 or 80, what we do will always be relevant. Music is timeless and at Incognito Artists it is our job to create, communicate and deliver the joy, passion, and excitement that entertainment can provide for everyone.

In the whole 18 years that our previously mentioned client had been alive, the performers of Incognito Artists have been impressing and astounding the event industries in the UK, USA, Europe and beyond with their unquestionable talent and innovation. That’s no mean feat! As we watch the industry constantly changing, evolving and moving in many different directions, we move with it; doing our best to create new innovative ideas and original acts with an aim to impress, surprise and wow the crowds, wherever our clients’ events take us.

We believe the most memorable entertainment is interactive. We get it – not everyone likes to be picked out of the crowd and invited up on stage to join in. Is that your worst nightmare or are you champing at the bit to be included? However, the term ‘interaction’ is far broader than this. To interact is to connect and to connect is to engage – and that’s exactly what we love to do through our performances.

Engage with and surprise our clients (but never make them feel uncomfortable). When you connect and engage you are part of the magic, not just watching it. It might be hard to describe a feeling but it’s impossible to forget it; we aim to make you FEEL and provide an uplifting experience you’ll never forget. Nine times out of 10, our clients use these exact words in their testimonials.

Website Quora which promotes itself as ‘A place to share knowledge and better understand the world’, explores why entertainment is so valuable in an article titled ‘Why is entertainment important for humans?’ ‘Entertainment brings happiness, which is a fundamental and powerful medicine that aids health and wellbeing. It is said, “when you are happy, you have everything.”

Let’s explore this idea further but on a scientific level. The Washington-based award-winning event production company, Talking Tree Creative, wrote an article titled ‘Making Events Memorable: Why Music Matters’ – ‘We’ve all experienced an old song that elicits vivid memories or emotions. Studies indicate that a broad range of neural networks are engaged when we listen to music, which is why music is increasingly being used as a therapeutic device for people suffering from traumatic brain injury or memory loss.

Live music that is driven by a social experience is especially likely to have staying power in our minds.’ From when we are children we learn how to play, connect and engage with others through music as well as learning how to form words and sentences through song. That’s pretty mind-blowing, don’t you think?

Listening to music generates a whole range of emotions but watching a live performance is a completely different kettle of fish. Not only are you surrounded and affected by other people’s energy, sharing an experience together AND reacting to that universal feeling, you’re also getting liveness.

One of our clients describes what we do as ‘one of the most powerful feelings you will ever experience’. They went on to say that ‘…it felt like an outer body experience as well as feeling completely connected to what was happening in the room. You cannot replace that with anything else. It just sticks with you.’

We’ll leave that with you.


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