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Do Different This Week

St. Moritz: the playground of the rich and famous. According to Wikipedia, it’s a popular destination of the upper class and international jet set, as well as one of the most expensive ski resorts in the world.


It was our playground last week, the Incognito office team and our act Bravo Amici, not so much rich and famous perhaps yet we enjoyed every minute of this glorious spot and stunning vistas. How lucky are we?!

Incognito Artists are more than singing waiters. Yes, we do surprise entertainment and it’s a winning formula but also for the past few years we’ve expanded to our clients’ needs. By listening to what our clients want and using our creative, well-honed skills, practical knowledge and experience, we provide tailored entertainment for any event – but only the kind of entertainment we know will transform the ordinary to the extraordinary!

Innovation is key. We realized, years ago, to feel most alive you have to do work that keeps you on your toes. Once you have a successful formula, don’t repeat it, start again from a new place but use all the skill, talent and expertise at your fingertips… be different. Do different. “Happiness fuels success, not the other way around. When we are positive, our brains become more engaged, creative, motivated, energetic, resilient, and productive at work… there’s so many great reasons to love doing what you do!”

So. In glorious St.Moritz, over three days, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of a truly wonderful couple with about 200 of their friends who flew in from all corners of the globe. There were lunches and dinners at unbelievable venues and we sprinkled some glitter over it all with an eclectic mix of entertainment to dazzle and delight the guests; ranging from contemporary and versatile string ensemble, with a unique twist; a classical, fun, all-female electric string quartet, two sassy sexy saxophonists, to a group of cheeky chaps who are the ultimate acoustic party starter.

Our concert act Bravo Amici, fresh from inspiring audiences in America with yours truly, sang at the gala dinner; first a classical-crossover concert and then we came back on to get them rocking on the dance floor with our irresistible party set. Needless to say they had to bring a spare mind because we blew their old ones away!

However, humbly I admit the piece de resistance was Italy’s most beloved opera singer, Andrea Bocelli. Mr Bocelli graced us all with his presence and his unmistakable voice, which has sold 80 million records and inspired many, for an intimate concert which we will never forget.

What a nice guy!
What a beautiful, nice wife he has too! And his three year old daughter was seriously cute.

We were delighted his girls stayed and partied with Bravo Amici, singing along and giving it their best dance moves. But my ultimate take home? Mr Bocelli bestowed upon us the precious words, ‘you have beautiful voices’.

It sounds glamorous but it was also hard work, pushing the boat out, taking risks, using every bit of experience, effort and expertise we have to make sure we delivered for our lovely clients.


“To think different, do different, read different, travel different, eat different. We stay interesting by stepping outside of our daily routine. We keep pushing; we leave what we know behind for a bit in order to let new in.”

I invite you to do ‘different’ this week – what will you do?



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