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C’mon Rio!

Let the Games begin! Are you watching on TV or right there at the summer Olympics in Rio?


We’re loving watching the athletes’ stories unfold: past, present and future; and we’re rooting for the underdog, the favourite and every single person who is dedicated enough to achieve such an audacious goal of representing their country at the Olympics! Plus we get to marvel at Christ the Redeemer and the beautiful scenery (just don’t mention the water pollution problem or Pool Gate?).

The incredible athletes in their respective sports are inspiring us to be motivated, committed, disciplined and FIT!

Inspiring us to be our best, set goals and work hard above and beyond to make them happen…

Here in the UK it is also corresponding with summer – which is a bit of a miracle in this country, I have to say – so we’re even more pumped to exercise and be outdoors.

I’m getting blood work done for insurance purposes and apparently my protein level is too high; supposedly my insurance company thinks that I could be exercising/training/playing sport too enthusiastically, therefore I could be a heart attack risk?

So when is being fit and healthy actually a health risk? Can you be too healthy? Can you be too fit? I’m just a guy who loves sport and loves looking the best I can; I didn’t think an insurance company would have a problem with that.

What about Mo Farah or Usain Bolt, or the thousands of other insanely ripped athletes worldwide, whose fitness levels are off the chart!? We’ll continue to watch in fascination and admiration as they show us, in technicolour glory, what it’s like to be at your physical and mental peak, represent your country and make history.

C’mon Rio!



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