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3 corporate events that need our Greatest Show


Inspired by one of the hottest global box office sensations of 2018, we bring you The Greatest Show. Created in-house, as a bespoke Incognito Artists show, this phenomenal act promises to create pure magic at your next event.

Everyone loves an awards ceremony. Whether you are nominated for a prestigious gong or not, awards nights are always super fun and memorable. As guests arrive, the room is immediately filled with anticipation, exhilaration and animation – three feelings very in keeping with those conjured up by our brand new act – The Greatest Show. This act compliments this type of event perfectly and for all of your guests who didn’t win an award and were planning on going home empty-handed – this is the perfect treat – a treasured experience that will make them come alive, giving them a memory they’ll never forget!

If you’re attending one of these, you are coming together to celebrate a very important and impressive achievement. When you reach a milestone year, you are not only showing your clients that you are a trustworthy and successful business, but your employees, too. You want your entertainment to reflect the values of your company, so if your aim is for your clients to be uttering words such as ‘impressive’, ‘show-stopping’ and ‘exceptional’, The Greatest Show is the act for you. After speeches, in-between courses or even as a final treat for your guests before the after-party begins, this special performance promises to deliver and leave everyone in the room astounded. Not to mention ready to party on into the rest of their evening!

It has been proven that when you celebrate success, you are increasing engagement, boosting motivation, improving productivity and strengthening team building. Imagine achieving all of those things for your colleagues or clients and offering them an unexpected surprise like nothing they’ve ever experienced? Booking your venue is of course very important, but booking mind-altering entertainment to help your event come alive is key to enhancing company culture whilst offering up unforgettable experiences that can help punctuate and heighten the key moments of your night. Our entertainment is all about connection and adding value to your event. Raise the bar sky-high this year and book The Greatest Show.


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