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It’s a word I’ve heard a lot in the past week.  It’s a word I love to hear, of course, and happily it’s been all around.  Just like love is all around this weekend.  (Happy Valentine’s Day!)


In India, at Octopussy Island in Udaipur, over the last weekend you’ll not be surprised to know everyone was feeling and looking pretty happy!


At the Waitangi Day Ball at the Park Lane Hotel on Friday night, Pharrell William’s Happy was sung by Incognito Artists and everyone was up on their feet.


Someone we trust recommended we buy the ‘Happy’ Indigo Essence Room Spray.  We don’t do chemicals in our house so don’t use conventional sprays but these essences are non-toxic and are a form of energy healing.   Right up our alley so ‘Happy’ entered our home on a whole different level, other than the usual cheer at Chez Sewell.


My Happy Song – on my latest album Live Love Sing! – was used to help a young boy in Southland, NZ who was being teased for loving opera.  A dear friend and ex-colleague, Katrina, played him my Happy Song to cheer him up and to let him know there was another dude in the world who went against the grain to do what he loved, who loves rugby AND singing, and these two passions don’t have to be mutually exclusive.


And I read an article about being ‘happy’ by a good friend of mine, Chantal Burns, who’s bestselling book is WH Smith’s non-fiction book of the month ‘Instant Motivation: the surprising truth behind what really drives top performance’.


“Happiness is a state of mind and the great news is that the only thing that stops us from feeling happy, content and confident right now is the mistaken belief that something other than your own thinking can determine how you feel.  Happiness is quite literally available in an instant.”


Couldn’t agree more, Chantal!  Grab her inspirational book to absorb more pearls of wisdom… and be happy.




P.S. Grab a copy of my best-selling album Live Love Sing! while you’re at it, to enhance your happiness! 

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