Taking event entertainment from ordinary to extraordinary

Established as one of the world’s leading providers of exceptional vocal, dance and instrumental entertainment, we’re awesome and we’re nice.  Since 2000, we were the first to do singing waiter-type performances in the UK and created the ‘incognito’ (anything is possible) element.

Our mission: to touch, move and inspire our audience so they’re present to the magic of being alive!

Our Magic Recipe

We’re the ‘Master Chefs’ of the entertainment world; we have a unique process to combine the most exquisite ingredients: extraordinary staff, creative genius, hand-picked crème de la crème West End, Broadway and opera stars, illustrious venues, special life moments, and most importantly, YOU…







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How to create a unique and unforgettable wedding

How to create a unique and unforgettable wedding

Create That Unique Feeling… Food! Wine! Flowers! Cake! Ceremony! This is important business! When it comes to planning your dream wedding, it’s easy to get carried away with how your day might look, but you’ve got to have an idea of how it might feel, too. Wedding planning guide Hitched sums it up perfectly: ‘Guests […]

The Most Brilliant Chinese New Year Events in London

The Most Brilliant Chinese New Year Events in London

Well, well…doesn’t time fly? It seemed only yesterday we were celebrating New Year and it’s upon us again! Yes.  You read that right. New Year has returned, six weeks after January 1st 2018. How could this happen? Well, because it’s Chinese New Year of course, on Friday 16th February. But how lucky are we to have our own bustling, […]

Top 5 Ideas to Surprise Your Valentine’s This Year

Top 5 Ideas to Surprise Your Valentine’s This Year

Valentine’s Day: a commercial enterprise you say? A great big fuss for no reason, you exclaim? Well, it depends on your thinking.  But what about if we drop the cynicism and just focus on the sentiment.  A day to celebrate love in your life, a day dedicated to romance, our one day to splurge on […]

Don’t be afraid to catch feels

Don’t be afraid to catch feels

I’m here in freezing Mont Tremblant, Canada, at the third most popular ski resort in North America, to sing for a loyal client; a client who has booked us five times before in London but this is the first time we’ve been here at their glorious estate in Canada. I’m not one for subtlety, I’ll […]

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'They took the evening to a completely different level'

David and Victoria Beckham

'Amazing-I loved every minute!'

Elle Macpherson

"Simply incredible. Awesome voices, and true professionals."

Leonardo DiCaprio

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