Taking event entertainment from ordinary to extraordinary

Established as one of the world’s leading providers of exceptional vocal, dance and instrumental entertainment, we’re awesome and we’re nice.  Since 2000, we were the first to do singing waiter-type performances in the UK and created the ‘incognito’ (anything is possible) element.

Our mission: to touch, move and inspire our audience so they’re present to the magic of being alive!

Our Magic Recipe

We’re the ‘Master Chefs’ of the entertainment world; we have a unique process to combine the most exquisite ingredients: extraordinary staff, creative genius, hand-picked crème de la crème West End, Broadway and opera stars, illustrious venues, special life moments, and most importantly, YOU…







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Singing Waiters at your wedding

The great author of love, Will Shakespeare, wrote “If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it.” What truth he spoke. Music IS the food of love, and the best way to celebrate and commemorate your love on your wedding day is through fabulous wedding entertainment and musical offerings. Want […]

Ask not what you can do for your waiter, but what your waiter can do for you!

…You’re finally at an event which you’ve been excited about for weeks. You’ve been casually sipping out of champagne coupes all night, and there’s no need to stop, as there appears to be an abundance of waiters with trays of drinks circulating the room. The party is rockin’ and you’re having a fabulous time but […]

Thank you, Merci, Gracias, Grazie, Arigato, Tack (you get the idea)

There has been widespread opinion about the US elections over the past couple of weeks everywhere we turn – social media, the general media, friends, family – worldwide. It’s bad, it’s good: it all depends on what you’re thinking.  And as I’ve learned over recent years, we make up our thinking; we experience the world inside-out, […]

Christmas Party Entertainment

Those Christmas Lights

Regent Street was closed off the other night, on my walk home from Incognito HQ, and I couldn’t think what could be so important that they would also block up the whole of Piccadilly Circus on a busy Tuesday evening? It was a team of workmen busily putting up the ‘Spirit of Christmas’ themed light […]

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'They took the evening to a completely different level'

David and Victoria Beckham

'Amazing-I loved every minute!'

Elle Macpherson

"Simply incredible. Awesome voices, and true professionals."

Leonardo DiCaprio

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