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Established as one of the world’s leading providers of exceptional vocal, dance and instrumental entertainment, we’re awesome and we’re nice.  Since 2000, we were the first to do singing waiter-type performances in the UK and created the ‘incognito’ (anything is possible) element.

Our mission: to touch, move and inspire our audience so they’re present to the magic of being alive!

Our Magic Recipe

We’re the ‘Master Chefs’ of the entertainment world; we have a unique process to combine the most exquisite ingredients: extraordinary staff, creative genius, hand-picked crème de la crème West End, Broadway and opera stars, illustrious venues, special life moments, and most importantly, YOU…







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5 event entertainment ideas that might surprise you

5 event entertainment ideas that might surprise you

Different ways for different days – some events call for background or ambient acts, some call for sweet serenading, while others call for entertainment extravaganzas,  ‘Wow, oh my god, that was AMAZING!’ knock-your-socks-off-never-seen-before-need-to-see-again acts.  And that my friend is our speciality…  So if you’re struggling to think of how to make your event stand out from the crowd you need struggle no […]

4 ways to include guests in your event entertainment

4 ways to include guests in your event entertainment

There’s something special about sitting back and watching a spectacular show on stage, why else would the West End, Broadway and Disney musicals have stood the test of time like they have? When it comes to event entertainment though, we believe it’s about transforming the feeling in the room, one person at a time. You want people to leave your event remembering it for […]

One ocean, one continent

One ocean, one continent

It’s… interesting … as I exist in the polarised United States at this present moment on tour with Bravo Amici. It’s a different America since last year’s tour of Florida. As previously explained, I almost didn’t get here.  That experience brought it quickly home to me that it’s a different world right now, in these […]

Match your Wedding Entertainment to your Wedding Dress

Match your Wedding Entertainment to your Wedding Dress

We’ve learned from years of experience that wedding entertainment can really make your day. ‘Feeling is Believing’ is our motto at Incognito Artists, and the way to create that truly memorable feeling on your special day is through music. Great music is an appealing attack on the senses and can transport us to other places and times. […]

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