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With 18 years of experience entertaining a multitude of businesses all over the world, we have worked hard to carefully develop a curated portfolio of corporate entertainment acts. No matter the organisation or the occasion, our Creative Directors will work with you to create a bespoke entertainment experience that not only honours your company culture and meets your budgets, but will promise to dazzle and delight your guests.

Conventions, conferences, company parties and retreats...we've got your entertainment covered!

With our vast and varied selection of entertainment acts, there is no corporate event that we cannot enthrall and excite! Call our Creative Directors today to find out how we can create a bespoke corporate entertainment package for your event.

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“A very big thank you from all the team at Chanel for your very valuable contribution to our Chance Party. There is no need for me to tell you how much fun everyone had and you are all to be congratulated on your very professional delivery”
“We would highly recommend you guys to anyone. You think outside the box, and deliver time and time again. We look forward to more amazing experiences in the future.” 
Coutts & Co
‘We were totally blown away when your voices came ALIVE amongst us! Your professionalism in working collaboratively with my team, seamlessly integrating your amazing act into our agenda and audience totally nailed the concept we wanted to bring alive! I am still thinking WOW!’

Corporate parties that rocked

The Greatest Show: Making Your Event Come Alive

The Greatest Show: Making Your Event Come Alive

One of the most exciting things about working in the entertainment industry is that there is always something new around the corner. Music continues to emerge and evolve, taking people by surprise. Quite recently, music and film’s latest surprise was from the smash movie, The Greatest Showman. In case you missed it (which we recommend you […]

How we can turn your corporate event into the highlight of your year

How we can turn your corporate event into the highlight of your year

One of our most loved and loyal clients is Pimlico Plumbers. Every Christmas we relish the opportunity to collaborate with this fabulous, fun-loving company to create and deliver sensational corporate event entertainment. Christmas parties are just one of the regular corporate events we’re booked for but we’re also known for adding sparkle to many a summer soiree […]

Corporate Entertainment Ideas and Inspiration

Corporate Entertainment Ideas and Inspiration

As a corporate event planner, it’s important to put forward imaginative and innovative ideas that will set apart every event you organise from the crowd. Spectacular, engaging corporate party entertainment is the perfect way to dazzle and delight your guests, ensuring everyone remembers your event for all the right reasons – and can’t wait to […]

Corporate Party Planners in London

Corporate party planners in London. The things that nightmares are made of – at least, it is to every corporate planner out there who is desperately seeking that perfect event for that perfect work function. We all know how crucial it is to ensure that your end of year party or annual celebrations are the […]

More Event Entertainment

Still searching for ideas? These event entertainment options are bound to fill you with inspiration!

Meet your Corporate Entertainment Specialists

A creative and passionate team bursting with enthusiasm, energy, and inspiration. We are here to help you celebrate the magic of being alive!


Geoff Sewell

Global CEO & International Superstar

I am the guy at the top of the mast ‐ finding the way, showing the way and then getting out of the way – to let my awesome office team and performers work their magic! Oh, and I sing a bit as well. (Just don’t ask me to dance).


Simone Lanham

Owner & Brand Guardian

Working on the Board and across the company, words and visuals are my thing and making sure our brand of excellence is reflected in everything we do.  I’m also a certified Health Coach so wellbeing is more than just a ‘trend’ at Incognito Artists, it’s a way of life.


Tim Rogers

Creative Guru

I’ve been with Incognito Artists since its conception. I know every aspect of the company and combine this with my International performing career, resulting in a truly unique ability to create your perfect event. Adrian is the Laurel to my Hardy and has a kinesthetic link to my superhuman creative power; satisfaction guaranteed.


Katherine Paterson

Sales Manager

Over the phone or face to face, I’m here to provide the best solution for your entertainment needs. I also oversee internal logistics, operations and finance. I’m thrilled to be part of such a passionate and creative team. The outstanding feedback we get from gigs is what makes our job worthwhile. We love making a difference!


Adrian Smith

Creative Guru

With over 20 years’ experience in all areas of the entertainment business, including Musicals, Film, TV, Stage, Concerts and Presenting, as well as a legendary eye for detail, I am the “Sundance Kid” to Tim Rogers’ “Butch Cassidy”. Our creative bro-mance will take your event to heights you never even dreamed of.



Amy Hewett

Marketing and Events Coordinator

The eyes and the ears! It’s my job to ensure that no detail is lost and everything runs as smoothly as possible in the lead-up to your event. From travel arrangements to costumes to sound, assembling and organising your event details is what I do best. As the saying goes – ‘Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work’.


Claire Sewell


I consult to Incognito Artists, helping them continue to exude their energy, creativity and connection levels across all aspects of the business. Taking people from ‘ordinary to extraordinary’ is what I’m passionate about so it’s a perfect fit that I’m working with a company who embodies this mantra for their events and everything they do!


Jeremy Stolle

USA Creative Guru

Living in NYC, I’m the Creative Manager for the USA, I perform in Bravo Amici whenever I can and I’m an 8-year veteran of Broadway’s Phantom of the Opera, with over 3000 performances, as the Phantom, Raoul, or Piangi.  I’m also busy with solo projects, my new album yet my two gorgeous kids are my finest work.

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