Variety is the spice of life

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Is it age, or is it everyone’s opinion, that 2014 went super fast? I’m sure I blinked and then we were raising a toast to its demise and the dawn of 2015.

I know why it raced by for me.  Last year I spent five months away from the UK, where I live – Bravo Amici concerts in Florida in January, concert tour of New Zealand with the wonderful Dame Malvina Major in February/March, promo tour for my new album Live, Love, Sing in NZ in May, promo tour of Australia in August, many trips throughout the year to sing around the world with Incognito Artists, and happy family times on holiday.  For the other seven months of the year at home in London I had to make it count, nose to the grindstone, a chorus of fun at Incognito HQ.

So what fun are we going to have this year, my friend?

What works for you, plans or no plans? I’m usually one to fly by the seat of my pants. I don’t do planning, apart from the necessary business forecasting.  My parents instilled into me the importance of making goals, and I’m still a firm believer in writing down what you want to achieve, even though I don’t know what I’m doing in my diary from one week to the next, and that’s cool with me.  Variety is the spice of life!

Spontaneity reigns supreme in the entertainment industry, whether you’re an actor, singer, dancer or entrepreneur, it’s something you have to accept: I’ve noticed that now in our market, demand is very often a last minute affair.  Whether we’re asked for singing waiters or to do a big, bespoke extravaganza incorporating song and dance, costumes, and specific themed music, we’re getting the call last minute, perhaps as budget determines what’s available for entertainment after the food and wine are sorted.  But people, take note, most often the audience remembers the entertainment more than the food!  Especially where Incognito is involved! 🙂

I was sitting by the pool in Dubai last week, rehearsing for my NYE gig at the gorgeous Le Royal Meridien hotel, and a client in Greece called me wanting three performers in Athens in two days’ time!  Our London office was closed, for a much needed rest for the team, so thank goodness for modern technology. I ran around to organize performers, flights and all logistics, and we had three performers who were available to fly out to Athens at such short notice, to deliver the desired result, in an exceptional fashion.  Hey, that’s what we do.

Now I’m flying to New York today to spend the next week meeting American friends, new and old, to promote our concert Act, Bravo Amici, to perform in theaters around the US.  We’re in Florida again for the whole of March doing a 20-date concert tour, booked by our US agent, and it will be awesome to expand our audiences and take the show further.

Incognito has been around for about 14 years and every year we have to do things a little bit differently.  As artists we want to innovate and generate growth, both commercially and personally, but also because we have many competitors now – I assume they think what we do looks easy, but as in anything, experience matters!  Our clients know the difference.

I love this quote by Jimi Hendrix: ‘I’ve been imitated so well, I’ve heard people copy my mistakes.’

Jimi, we may not have much in common but I hear you on that one, buddy! I’m still making mistakes but I’m stoked to be out on the field, playing the game, and not just watching from the stands.

So legends, let’s get out there!  Here’s to playing to our strengths in 2015!


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