Throwing the perfect masquerade party

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Wohoo – let’s have a masquerade party! There are not many people who wouldn’t jump at this proposal; the chance to conceal your identity for one night, the prospect of getting to know friends all over again, and the opportunity to create your own ferociously daring mask. By day you may be a mother of three, a father of one, a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker, but for one night you are whoever you want to be. Hell, you can even ignore people. Good God!

The dictionary defines masquerade as ‘a false show or pretence’. It is being naughty without being naughty, and adventurous without taking too many risks. But what are the key considerations when throwing a masquerade party? Let’s find out.

Choose the lucky masqueraders (it’s a word now if it wasn’t before)

The first step is choosing who you want to invite. Bear in mind that even though they will, in theory, be different people, this theory will probably cease to exist once the first ‘a mask ain’t gonna solve your problems’ joke has been cracked. At this point, it would be rather problematic to be standing in front of someone who once fixed your washing machine.

Choose the masquerade arena

A masquerade party is somewhat of a spectacle, and so the venue should be nothing short of an arena. Price permitting, the space you choose should have an air of mystery. Dark nooks and crannies are also a good idea for people wanting to hide more than their faces, while a large dance floor means that guests can glide through the room with their show-stopping costumes in full flow.

Hire singing waiters

While this type of party has certain requirements, sticking religiously to tradition is not one of them. What better way to put your own stamp on proceedings than by hiring a host of singing waiters and having them mingle with your guests. Of course, you can decide whether they too should wear masks.

Give out prizes for the best masks

Masquerade parties are all about elegance, suspense and enthusiasm. Offering your guests the incentive (kick up the backside) of a ‘best mask’ competition can get the creative juices flowing, meaning your magnificent event will have people talking for weeks.

Hand out punishments for the first to crack

Revealing one’s identity is punishable by (insert your choice of punishment here). This is your party and, while your guests play a crucial role, it is you who must enforce the masquerade laws. The longer identities remain a secret, the more of an event you will have on your hands.

Put your own spin on it

While masquerade parties are about grace and mystery, they are also about having a darn good time. Put your own personality into the decorations. You could even decorate as you would imagine your alter ego doing. Remember, you don’t have to be yourself, not on this night.

We all like our lives, after all, we chose them. But there is a mischievous side that lies within us all, trapped below layers of society-enforced rules and only able to rear its head on specific occasions. Well if ever there was a time for this side to emerge, in all its devil-red glory, it is during a masquerade party.


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