How to throw a fabulous roaring 20s party

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From The Great Gatsby to prohibition-era speakeasies, the roaring 1920s continue to captivate the world’s imagination. Hearkening back to a decade famous for wild bashes beyond imagination, a 1920s party can be just the ticket for a big celebration. Here’s how to make your party really shine.

Make costumes mandatory

You would be amazed how big a difference dressing up can make. A simple outfit change turns your themed party into a bona fide 1920s bash. Even cash-strapped party goers can find something to conjure up the era – many modern cocktail dresses have the loose fit and low waistline of 1920s styles, while dapper suits are always in style for men. Add braces and a fedora and you’re in business.

Get the music right

The fabulous music of the 1920s was a huge part of what made the era so revolutionary and its parties so fantastic. This is perhaps the cheapest way to make a really roaring party. Download Spotify and make some careful lists of 1920s hits to get your friends dancing the Charleston!

Keep the cocktails authentic

It’s hard to feel truly immersed in the 1920s whilst holding a glass of rum and coke or a can of Stella. What’s great for a night down the pub simply doesn’t conjure up the feeling of excess and glamour we associate with flappers and their friends. There are entire books and websites devoted to cocktail recipes developed before or during the era – it’s pretty hard to resist the flapper spirit when you’re holding an Aviation. If you can’t spring for cocktails, sparkling wine will lend a Gatsby-esque extravagance to the whole event.

Schedule in a surprise

Hosts in the 1920s would go to some pretty crazy lengths to surprise and delight their guests, and you should try to do the same. While few options are left to the modern host, hi-jinx like hiring singing waiters could turn your drinks reception or dinner into the party of a lifetime. One moment a waiter would be quietly offering the drinks tray and the next he would burst into song. It’s just the sort of fabulous surprise to excite and energise your guests.

Get the right venue

Prohibition may not have been an issue in the United Kingdom, but back alley speakeasies are still an enduring part of 1920s mythology. It may surprise you, but many speakeasies still exist! If you’re going all-out on your 1920s party, one of these venues could add the perfect mix of intrigue, excitement and (of course) alcohol.


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