How to throw a brilliant Great Gatsby themed party

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There are few party themes out there more extravagant, indulgent and glamorous than The Great Gatsby. With the book being one of the most famous in the world and inspiring a box-office smash film, it’s a theme that’s guaranteed to get everyone excited. And because the film and the era were so glitzy and had such a defined look, it’s a really easy theme to host. So whilst you put on your gramophone and feathers, mull over some of our favourite tips to make sure your Great Gatsby party has plenty of sparkle and surprise.


Nothing sets the tone for a themed party quite like an appropriately themed invite. The Great Gatsby allows for some wonderfully slick and sexy invites. Try a black background with gold and white writing and lots of bold, geometric shapes.


One of the most exciting bits of preparation for any themed party is sorting out your costume. The Great Gatsby is such a wonderful theme that allows the women to be ultra glamorous, with loads of glitter, sparkle, headbands, stockings and flirty tassels. Men can embrace slicked back hair, bow ties, waistcoats and fedoras.


There are many ways in which you can inject the indulgent 1920s into your party. Whether you’re heading down an extravagant art deco route or a more dingy, forbidden speak-easy vibe, there is a plethora of decorations out there that will look fantastic in your venue. If you’re going bold and glamorous, try ostrich feathers, black and gold helium balloons and lots of string lights. If you’re heading down the more speak-easy path, prop gramophones, lavish lighting and rich velvet are a great place to start.

Food and drink

Jay Gatsby was known for his lavish parties, so we’ve got one word for you…cocktails! An absolute classic from the 1920s was the mint julep, so to get your guests instantly in the mood, you may wish to hand them one upon arrival. If you’re not planning on doing a full meal, finger food such as olives, nuts and popcorn is all reminiscent of the era.


The 1920s had such a distinctive music scene, which was dominated by jazz, swing and Charleston style, so a band specialising in this music will automatically give your party 1920s atmosphere and ambience. It’s also the perfect music for getting everybody off their chairs and onto the dance floor! A great way to add a really special, surprising moment to your party is to hire singing waiters, who can surprise your guests at any moment by bursting into swing or jazz songs. This is sure to be a real highlight at your party and be a memorable moment that’s a sure talking point for a long time afterwards. And to finish on a real bang, try a confetti cannon towards the end of the night to give everybody great photograph opportunities to remember the night by!

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