They never forget how you make them feel

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People don’t remember what you Say or Do
But they never forget
How you make them Feel

Somebody told me that recently and I see this in play with Incognito Artists.  We believe we are in the transformational business – we transform events and take the atmosphere from ordinary to extraordinary.  We want our audiences to have a better time than we do, and we have an absolute blast on stage so that’s a big ask.  Yet that’s why we do what we do.

In my current concert tour of Florida with Bravo Amici, I’m humbled to experience this adage at each show.  Through the power of music – and its ability to heal and bring joy – and by having fun and most of all, speaking and singing authentically from our hearts, we offer an uplifting experience that people will never forget.

Not because of what we sang, or how we sing it, or what we say during the show, but overall it’s absolutely about how we made them FEEL!  That’s the overwhelming feedback after each show, when we meet our audience, sign CDs and hear their fascinating stories in return.

I’m really moved by this.  How lucky are we?  I’m sitting here in the Sunshine State, getting some perspective from the daily grind back in London, and appreciating how blessed I am that I get to do something that makes a difference to people’s lives.  Apparently it’s called ‘self actualisation’* (the phenomenon of actually enjoying your job).

I’m not feeling smug, I’m feeling pretty emotional.

A wonderful woman I know in London has just had a brain tumour removed, thankfully before any severe damage was done.  She’s in our prayers as she recovers.  She believes she’s been given a second chance and she’s grabbing it!  She’s determined to make a difference in life.

If you’re not experiencing ‘self actualisation’*, I invite you to do the same.

Every day is a second chance.  Let’s make it count.


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