The Five Types Of Wedding – Which One Is Yours?

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The Five Types of Wedding – Which One is Yours?

Every wedding is unique, like the couple’s joint fingerprint, made up of whirls and swirls that are literally a lifetime in the making; an epic jigsaw, each piece adding to the whole, and we’ve been lucky over the last fourteen years to be present at hundreds of happy couple’s special days, including some of the biggest celebrity events of the age. But as the industry continues to expand, we’re asking – is there such a thing as an archetypal wedding? A springboard from which to take the plunge? And if so… what could they be?


The event wedding is an operation that stretches to the horizon and beyond, the first reaction from its guests a sudden, awestruck inability to breathe at what has been achieved. Event weddings possess a sense of spectacle, of the theatrical and for one day at least only the best will do. They are unashamedly over the top, straddling the line between epic and Neo-Kardashian with consummate ease, and why not, this is your wedding day after all. From a stretch limousine the size of Oxford Street, to an outrageous guest list, to endless champagne, and of course a few surprises in store for the guests no doubt, one thing’s for sure, an event wedding is going to be a big show.

Most likely to: Seek inspiration from a Royal wedding.
Least likely to: Feature the word ‘understated’.


Those present at the intimate wedding all have one thing in common; the deepest connection to the happy couple; a small crowd of close friends, each with beautiful stories to tell. Set in a marquee in the garden, a childhood home, or a pagoda with fairy lights criss-crossing an apple orchard, this is a love story told, not in a shout, but an enchanted whisper.

…Also covers that most intimate of weddings, elopement.

Most likely to: Have a family pet carry the rings.
Least likely to: Require a microphone.


The most playful of weddings, the idiosyncratic understands that weddings are meant to be fun and that there’s nothing wrong with allowing your sense of humour and adventure to take over. Not afraid to take risks, they range from a village hall with homemade bunting, to themed weddings with lancing and druids on a mountain top – of course, the most important thing is that it’s perfect for the bride and groom. Guests will feel like they are actually inside the mind, the very personality of the happy couple, but there’s one thing for sure, it’s going to be memorable.

Most likely to: Require a priest that doubles as a singing Elvis.
Least likely to: Ever be described as conventional.


The destination wedding is built around the where. Taking place outside your everyday experiences, they leave weather anxiety behind and head straight for a white sandy beach, with a fringing of palm trees and ice cold rum cocktails at the reception. Destination weddings exist deep in the realm of glorious escapism, beginning the moment you set foot on the plane and not finishing until you return, the line between wedding day and honeymoon blurring into a picture postcard moment you will remember forever.

Most likely to: Have sunburn in the photos.
Least likely to: Rain.


Unapologetically nostalgic, the traditional wedding exists outside of time. They are not about size, but the dream of a classic day; an unabashedly sentimental portrait of a classic car, a long white dress and a starring role as you walk up the aisle of a picture postcard church. Almost certainly taking place in a location which maintains the very deepest of family roots, they are quite simply the wedding that you dreamt of decades ago, back in your childhood home, dressed in a white towel with pillow sheet as a headdress.

Most likely to: Edit out a drunk relative on the dance floor from the wedding video.
Least likely to: Require a priest that doubles as a singing Elvis.

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