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Have you seen the Kevin Spacey movie, “Pay It Forward”? 
It illustrates an obligation to do good deeds for others in response to a good deed you’ve received yourself.  Such good deeds should accomplish things you can’t accomplish on your own, ultimately creating a social movement with an impact of making the world a better place.
My mate Richard Farleigh, who featured in series 3 and 4 of the BBC’s Dragons’ Den, does just that.
He is an incredible, super smart entrepreneur (also a whizz at chess and tennis), who has achieved huge success, loves his awesome kids, and lives a colourful, exciting life.  
Which is remarkable, considering his start in life. 
In Australia, at three years old he and his 11 siblings were taken by Police to an orphanage, and then foster families, as a result of a violent, alcoholic father.  But even worse, they were separated and fostered out to different families and did not see each other until 20 years later.   Richard was profoundly affected by this trauma in his childhood and yet he’s overcome such a challenging back story to now be one of the most inspirational guys I know.
Amongst many other things he does to pay it forward, he speaks out on behalf of Action for Children” in the hope that he can help kids who find themselves in the same situation he faced.  He is very vocal about doing what he can to help to make a difference, wherever he is in the world, and whether he’s on TV, on radio, in print, or at events.
When I congratulated him on what he does, he said:

 “The real work is done by the foster carers.  I was recently a judge to give out awards at a ceremony held at the House of Lords… I was touched how many saints there are out there.”
Hallelujah and amen.
So my take-home for today is, when someone does you a big favour, don’t pay it back…
P.S. I also know Richard is a smart guy because he likes Incognito Artists – the best party entertainment!  He’s so loyal, he comes every time to our concerts at the chic St James Theatre in London.  We couldn’t do them without him!  He wrote a piece about us in his regular column in the newspaper, City AM

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