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Something a little bit different this week.

My aunt, Peggy Dawson, is a ‘nurturing touch’ legend. For years she’s been an international trainer and all round guru with the International Association of Infant Massage, a Director of ‘Service through Nurturing Touch’ serving those with life threatening illnesses, those with physical and mental disabilities, and the elderly; and still, even though she’s in her 70s, she offers palliative care, spiritual direction, reflexology and cranial therapy to her clients. In her career she’s helped too many to name, from being one of the first to offer healing touch to some of the AIDS community in San Francisco in the 80s, to massaging monks in Monasteries in far flung places, to babies in orphanages, and nuns in Rome. You name it, she’s done it. She rocks! When we go back home to NZ we line-up to get a famous Aunty Peggy de-stress session.

She wrote to me this week and said she’d had a lovely elderly lady come for a massage. Apparently this woman always asks Aunty Peggy to play my ‘Believe’ CD during her session. When it got to ‘How Great Thou Art’ the lady decided to sing along with me, and boy did she sing her heart out, drowning me out! Aunty Peggy is wise and let her go for it, enjoying her release and her freedom. When she arrived at Aunty Peggy’s she’d shuffled up the path, creeping and struggling. When her caregiver arrived to take her home, her caregiver couldn’t believe the change in her, saying to Aunty Peggy, ‘Your massage sessions are life changing!’ The client did a quick step down the path with her walking stick and said, ‘Best session ever, Peg!’ Aunty Peggy told me that between us, we’d done a great job!
It’s feedback like this that rocks my world and reinforces why I do what I do.

I’m so grateful when people take the time to tell me how our music has affected them, in whatever way.

This week I was stoked to receive an email from an awesome, fun client: Emily sent me a video of her and Vonnie driving up north in the UK, happily listening to me and my girls singing ‘Heal Me’ on my ‘Live, Love, Sing!’ album. Her taking the time to record it and send it to me was priceless.

Whether it’s made someone feel happy, it’s cheered them up or helped them to feel sad and release emotions, we really appreciate the fact we get to contribute. Sim and I have invested so much time, money, energy and love into our work and we’re so humbled when people say it’s made a difference in their lives.

Last week we were honoured that ‘Heal Me’ was played at my mother-in-law Margie’s best friend’s funeral in NZ, especially because we couldn’t be there and we wanted to be so at least we were there in spirit, and her family said she loved our music. Another amazing lady, Sim’s best friend’s Gran, requested that Amici Forever was played at her funeral a few months ago. Over the years I’ve heard of, or I’ve witnessed, our music being played at births, marriages and all manner of special events. BOOM!

To touch, move and inspire people worldwide, that’s why we’re in the business we’re in!
I’ll leave the last word to another happy Incognito Artists customer… because we know that without our customers, we’re nothing.
“WOW WOW WOW! From start to finish, a team of talented professionals who truly know how to bring the room to life! They left our crowd begging for more!”

Have a great week!


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