Love Or Fear. That’s All There Is.

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The polarity in the world seems like a wide chasm right now.  But it can be bridged.

It’s frustrating when someone you love can’t see what you see.  But forgive them.
Forgiveness allows you to understand where they’re coming from.  To love them is to respect them, no matter what.
And the more I live the more I realise over and over again that ALL of us, every human, just wants to be seen and heard.  And understood.
To be seen and heard through their lens, with their history and their experience in the mix. So they can be understood.
The energy of fear, pain, anger, hatred, envy, deceit prefers not to be alone. It spreads like a virus, infecting all in its path’. (Chervin)
Get out of the way of that trajectory.  No condemnation necessary.  No one is right and the other, wrong, in black and white like that.  Relationships are in glorious grey.
Nurture your own energy hygiene e.g. How do you feel right now?  Take a note of what you sit in, love or fear?  Pursuing righteousness over understanding of someone you love isn’t important.  The ties of family and friendship will keep you warm long after the fire of politics has burned out.
Even when you feel maligned or misunderstood, know that some do see and hear you.  You attract your tribe the stronger you stand for what you believe in.


At any moment you are one thought away from heart-centred love for the world and the people in your life, which is great for your health and sanity.


Love also means having strong, healthy boundaries for your own self-preservation though.  ‘Good fences make good neighbours’.

Love doesn’t mean settling, and staying quiet, un-self-expressed. It means respecting yourself to stand up for what you believe in, honouring who you are, and not letting those who love you, or anyone else, overpower or dominate you.
And incorporating those boundaries and expressing yourself authentically, with empathy and without judgement.
Forgiveness approaches others with love and compassion. It allows us all to feel seen and heard. And hopefully understood. That’s what the world needs more of.


Love or Fear.  That’s all there is.


Geoff and Simone

Global CEO/ Co Founder
Incognito Artists Ltd

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