London’s Singing Waiters

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London’s Singing Waiters are some of the finest in the world. Whether it’s a birthday, a wedding, a work party or an anniversary that you have in mind and you are panicking about which entertainment to choose that will bring the greatest delight to all of your guests, then look no further than Incognito Artists – London’s dangerously handsome singing waiters.

Imagine it now – you and your friends are sitting around the table, enjoying a nice glass of wine, when the beaming waiter comes strolling along with your starter and delivers it in classic style, napkins spread before you and a slight bow as he places the plate down in front of you. Next thing you know, he has cleared his throat, said a few words of ‘Bon Appetite!’ and – much to the astonishment of all – suddenly belted out a brilliant soprano of ‘Caruso’ so you would think the great Pavarotti had actually manifested himself before you in all his glory! Gaping mouths and tingling pleasure are sure to follow and, once finished, the booming applause, followed by a sip of wine and a bite of salmon, will be the forefront of every member of the audience. And that’s just for starters. With the Singing Waiters in London, you can look forward to several more hours of fantastic acts, sumptuous food, dazzling performances and a wonderful, joyful atmosphere that only the Singing Waiters in London could provide, an evening that very few will ever forget and many more will reminisce on with the utmost enjoyment in years to come.

Such an experience is so unique, so quirky, so utterly memorable that it is right up there with the many attractions this vast city has to offer. We’re all familiar with the melancholic atmosphere of the Tower of London and the bustling streets of Picadilly, but how many of you have taken advantage of the Singing Waiter of London, who boasts of the finest octaves, which will have you and your friends beaming with rapture at the sound of such harmony reaching your ears.

With some of the biggest names in the West End and opera this metropolis has to offer performing for you at your leisure, this is hardly an experience to be missed. So for those of you who love the idea of Singing Waiters in London, take them for your own – they are here, ready and waiting to serve and entertain you. Bon appetite!

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