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Back in the office this week, my focus is squarely on Incognito Artists.

You know what it’s like, when you go away and come back again, you get a better perspective of reality and what’s going on in front of you in your daily life.

I love that headspace.  De-cluttered, calm and thankful.

I’ve been chewing the fat, wining and dining, with Very Important People this week – it’s all about networking – discussing this great business and generating new ideas to fire us up and create more unique magic.

We provide a quality service that people want.  We know there are plenty of other entertainment companies out there but they’re not us, and I’m talking about the whole package (not just someone fancying themselves as a singer and working from the back of their bedroom).  And if you want to have what we so joyfully do (that you really can’t get anywhere else), then you have to play by our rules:

1) The price is the price. Making everyone smile, being part of the show with West End, Broadway and Opera superstars, creating memories you and everyone else will never forget = Priceless.  If you want a Ferrari, you don’t pay Ford prices.

We, in turn, value loyalty and make it worth your while.

2) If you don’t do what we advise when it comes to entertainment we can’t give you the best service.  We are the entertainment experts, we have many, many years’ experience in this wonderful business (you notice I only employ the best of the best on the West End, Broadway and in Opera – and I’ve sold several million albums, worldwide, along the way).  Whether you want singing waiters or a totally unique bespoke show tailored to your event, our advice is sound.  Trust us, you will have a blast!

And, speaking of one of those Opera stars we have the privilege to employ, I had ‘coffee’ with one of our Divas yesterday.  Kylie Pointer is working with Hollywood’s elite and British ‘royalty’, serious A-list household names, currently teaching them to sing on a lot of big budget, big studio movies.  She’s flat out.  But she still sings with us.

That’s just one example of the quality of the performers you get when you choose Incognito Artists – sensational talent in big demand.

Just sayin’.

I’m happy to be back at the coal face.  Bring it on!


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