Isn’t that a wonderful thought?

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“Can you believe this is happening to us?”

“When is this going to end so I can start living my life?”

“What’s next for us?”

“This has made me feel sad and frustrated.”

No doubt we’ve heard and/or said them all over the past few weeks, but why don’t we take a moment to look at things differently?

It’s easy to assume that the ‘right now’ is happening to us and therefore, we are existing in a world that our external situation has created for us. Yes, we are being told to follow instructions for the good of peoples’ health and our own, but it is not our reality that is being shaped by those instructions.

What if we were to consider the idea that it was actually our internal conditions that dictate our external experience? And then what if we were to discover that that ‘idea’ was in fact, well a fact…

In his article ‘Why Life Is A Mirror Reflecting Your Inner World’, Self-empowerment Author, Expert Speaker and Coach Tony Faykry suggests that we are ‘ …continually shaping the world around us as a result of conscious and unconscious thoughts. Reality is but a mirror reflecting on our inner world.’

Right now, we will all, in some way be looking to others and their words and actions for inspiration, distraction and entertainment. We want to know how others are doing in this unusual situation and what they have to say about it all. But the point to highlight here is that the insight we might think we are sourcing from books, conversations, the internet, is in fact coming from ourselves. It is our own thinking about what we are reading, listening to, experiencing that ignites our connection to that content and ultimately, creates a connection in that moment…

…isn’t that a wonderful thought?

Not being able to turn our negative thoughts into positive ones is not the mistake we are making here. We’re all human and it’s OK to feel whatever we want or need to. Where we are doing ourselves a disservice is not realising that our external experiences are not what control our reality, but rather it is our thinking about those experiences which determines it.

“Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations.” — Earl Nightingale

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