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This week I want you to meet two friends of mine, Terry Wilson and Katrina Smith, two kiwi legends who are making a big difference here in London in the hairdressing scene. Their philosophy is really important to Simone and me – organic, healthy living to be the best we can be. Their salon is called Hair Organics the heart of trendy Notting Hill; a small team who are big on customer service and delivering excellence. (Hey, sounds like Incognito Artists). They take creating beautiful, healthy hair very seriously but also make sure their products are non-toxic and are not harmful to their clients or the environment. They know that looking great does not have to mean suffering or poisoning yourself in the process. Simone and I couldn’t agree more, which is why this is our salon of choice out of the whole, amazing place that is London town. In big cities we’re spoiled for choice but we can make positive change in our increasingly unhealthy world by voting with our wallets and making our choices count.

Hair Organics has a charity fundraiser each year, where they offer cupcakes, treats for sale, children’s face painting, Indian head massage, manicures, a BBQ – and stylists give their time for cuts and blow dries (or blow outs as you say in the US). It’s on this Sunday 28 June 2015 from 10am. In previous years they’ve raised money for the Great Ormond St Children’s Hospital in London and the Little Princess Trust. This year they’ve extended the opportunity for our charity, The Sewell Foundation, to benefit!

Terry and Kat explained to their clients:


Our Charity fundraiser is back this year after a year off and we are having it on Sunday 28th June from 10am – 5pm. Over the last 6 years we have supported the Great Ormond St Children’s Hospital and the Little Princess Trust. These have been amazing charities to support, but this year we are supporting a charity which is run by fellow Kiwis and clients Geoff Sewell and Simone Lanham.

“The Sewell Foundation for children with autism”

Let me tell you about this amazing story of these two fellow Kiwis.

Geoff and Simone moved to London in 1997 after Geoff completed his studies at the Boston Conservatory of Music in the USA. He performed in the West End then formed the group “Tenors Incognito”. In 2002 the two then formed the classical crossover group “Amici Forever”. Geoff had three No.1 albums, two with Amici: The Opera Band and Defined and his solo albums Believe and Live, Love, Sing! Over 3.5 million sales worldwide! Wow what can I say? More, as it happens.

Amici Forever was nominated for a classical Brit award in the UK for Best Album. Despite the success of Amici Forever, Geoff left the group suddenly after his eldest daughter Sienna was diagnosed with Autism in 2006.

They were told Sienna would never talk. They were told they might have to consider getting permanent care for her. They were told to let her be, not to change her life, maybe just locked away in some other world. So they researched, and researched, the condition, looked at all of the alternative therapies that seemed applicable and they tried to find ways to heal her body.

Geoff and Simone have worked tirelessly in this trying different diets and therapies, and now 9 years later Sienna goes to a normal school, and was recently picked to be a narrator in a Shakespeare festival. Sienna’s also a beautiful singer and has been on stage with Geoff and an Orchestra in front of 9000 people singing Heal Me, co-written by Simone, and has also recorded this with Geoff and her sister Olivia. Geoff and Simone take seminars worldwide to share their experiences of the different approaches they have tried. They say each child is different so they give people a menu of things that have worked for Sienna and parents can choose what they feel is appropriate for their child. They believe recovery is possible using child-centric appropriate healing interventions because of their own experiences with their daughter.

Wow! Legends!

Geoff & Simone also support Treating Autism UK, The Autism Trust UK and the National Society of Epilepsy UK as well as orchestrating hundreds of appearances and contributions to charitable events worldwide. Workhorses.

We are so happy to support Geoff, Simone, Sienna and Olivia, and the Foundation.

The charity day on Sunday June 28th kicks off at 10 am. Outside we have cupcakes and treats for sale in the morning with children’s face painting, Indian head massage, nail technician, and BBQ.

Inside all the stylists are giving their time for cuts and blowdrys. All you need to do is make an appointment by calling the salon on 02072296318 and on the day you donate what you think the service is worth. And if you are there at the right time you may even meet the Sewell legends and see if they can be persuaded to sing for us..

See you there!
Speak soon,
Terry xxx

Thanks Terry and Kat! We’re beyond grateful for their support and the chance to help more families in NZ. As you can see, it’s a special day with lots of time, and lots of effort, given by a small team with a big heart.

If you’re in London this Sunday please come to Hair Organics in Notting Hill, have fun, eat, drink and be merry, and put your hair in the hands of skilled professionals with the bonus of all products being divinely healthy and organic, for a good cause!

If you can’t be there but you’d like to contribute please click on this link.

‘ I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy’. Rabindranath Tagore

Here’s to joy!

Have a great week,


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