Incognito Artists rock Chateau Pape Clement in Bordeaux

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Another day at the office… This time it’s a gig at Chateau Pape Clement in Bordeaux for a billionaire’s birthday party.
With money no object, our billionaire spent up large, with a flourish, for his 50 guests who jetted in from different parts of the globe.
We ate jellied eel (Aspic d’anguille in French) and we nibbled smooth and creamy Beluga caviar …and all of this delivered from his favourite chef, flown in especially from Riga.
There was so much wonderful party entertainment throughout the evening, our heads were spinning.  
It dawned on me then that regardless of having all the money in the world, all our dear billionaire wanted for his guests was to make them happy.    
So it was just as well he came to the right place = Incognito Artists, yeah baby.   When our Act came on it blew everyone out of the water!  We lifted their spirits and as one lady said in a deliciously Bond-esque Russian accent, “Honey, if I die now I will die the happiest woman in the world!”
Job done!  They left the party at 1.30am, at the end of our performance, with a spring in their step and a song in their hearts.  Our mission is to touch, move and inspire so that people are present to the magic of being alive!  Thank you generous Mr Billionaire, thank you stunning Chateau Pape Clement.  Mission accomplished.


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