I’ll wire you the money from my Swiss bank account

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Remember how James Bond and other suave legends in the movies always have a numbered Swiss bank account and channel money through that account?  Or in ‘The Da Vinci Code’ a triangular-shaped key activates a robotic arm which pulls a safety deposit box from the wall in a Swiss bank to ultimately reveal the secret to Christianity?

As a kid growing up on the other side of the world I always thought that would be so cool.  My own Swiss bank account!  Who doesn’t want to say, ‘I’ll wire you the money from my Swiss bank account’…

Fast forward a few years, and I’m standing on a table top in a swanky venue in Zurich singing for an amazing 80 year old lady.   This lady is living that dream of mine and then some. She doesn’t just have her own account…

She owns the whole SWISS BANK!!

But there’s more.  This lady is almost ‘Mother Teresa’-like in her way of being and when I was in her presence, she genuinely moved me to tears.

Her 80th birthday was not filled with the type of people you might expect when one is so successful they own a Swiss bank.  The air was sweet with a huge number of family and friends who had flown from all corners of the world to be there for her – because she has moved and inspired them through her actions.

So I was humbled to be there, singing for her and her loved ones, doing what I love.  She has lived, and still lives at 80, a life that’s full.  She’s travelled each and every highway and more, much more than this….

She did it her way!

I love her for that and I love people who live their own truth, regardless of the naysayers.

Have a great day!  And here is my pre-Christmas gift to you: my version of one of the best songs ever written………….. MY WAY!


P.S. Here at Incognito Artists we have a great James Bond show perfect for all those James Bond themed Christmas events! 

James Bond show by Incognito Artists
James Bond show by Incognito Artists


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