To ice or not to ice? That is the question

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To ice, in my humble opinion.

I did the ice bucket whilst on holiday in Thailand, nominated by one of our creative managers at Incognito, Adrian Grove, in a show of fun but for a good cause.

However some are against it, some are querying it just as a personal PR exercise for celebrities, politicians and high profile folk, others offering funds to their chosen charities instead.

I was forwarded an article in the NZ Herald saying there’s now been one death attributed to the challenge.  The person ended their email to me saying ‘ha ha’, I assume with irony, meaning its not so funny after all when someone dies.  And that is awful, of course, that someone meant to have a bit of fun pouring a bucket of icy water over his head and instead it went horribly wrong.

My point is, thousands are dying from ALS and Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in general.  I’ve seen posters on the tube in London for months about MND but did they stop people in their tracks?  The ALS ice bucket challenge does matter because it’s one of the rare times this disease is making global headlines, its generated global awareness and donations to MND charities, and we’re all actually talking about something so hideous.

I saw the impact of MND first hand through the experiences of a great guy called Mike Kennedy who died from it in Nelson, NZ last year.  He was a super fit, sporty go-getter in his 40s who had spirit and adventure oozing from his pores. Until he didn’t. And he left behind a beautiful wife and two gorgeous young kids and an awesome extended family, all of whom were utterly devastated by the two year drawn out, stealthy, complete annihilation of a guy in his prime.

So I did my ice bucket challenge in memory of Mike and to honour the strength and devotion of all those who cared for him.  And for everyone else who has been touched by this disease.  Let’s hope this awareness and these donations collected worldwide do actually make a genuine, sincere, difference to help those affected.

In the meantime, those of us blessed with good health… make every second count.  Be here now!


P.S. Party like there’s no tomorrow.  We can help you with that.

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