Guerrilla opera in the Mail on Sunday

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Whether you’re a fan or it’s not your cup of tea, the UK’s Mail on Sunday and its Event Magazine has a circulation – online and in print – of 16.5 million people worldwide.

So we’re told we’re very lucky that they wanted to write about Incognito Artists and feature us over a two page spread.

Apart from the embellished and sensationalized journalism, complete with the usual media errors, it has great photos and tells part of our story.

We’re grateful they realize that Incognito Artists is indeed sought after by A-listers and Royalty and we’re world class at what we do.

We’re also a family business with a heart and very proud of everyone who chooses to work for us, and with us, and make this company great!

You can see the online version of the article here:

Meanwhile, I’m five shows down in Florida after a crazy whirlwind first week on tour with Bravo Amici.  20 more concerts to go this month, hard work but not exactly a tough life when the sun shines all the time around here and our temporary home is a mansion surrounded by water!  Why do I live in London, again?

Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing!

Have a great week,


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